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Woman hilariously mimics how boomers, Gen X, millennials and Gen Z meet new employees at work

The impressions of workers from different generations by the woman is spot on in this clip which has now gone viral.

Woman hilariously mimics how boomers, Gen X, millennials and Gen Z meet new employees at work
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @fishbowlapp

There have been many hilarious videos about how different generations respond to a certain situation over the internet. However, people find this video created by Fishbowl (@fishbowlapp) on Instagram very relatable, as it shows how different generations meet new employees joining their office. The video is captioned, “Each generation meeting the new employee." It begins with the joiner first meeting an employee who is a boomer. She asks, "Who is this? A fresh new face in the office? Excited for your first day, ha. Very cute."

Image Source: Instagram | @fishbowlapp
Image Source: Instagram | @fishbowlapp

She continues, "I don't give a s***t about this job. I'm about to retire from this job, but I'm not gonna lose this pension, so if you need anything, you see those people there who are the ones you are going to ask for help. Not me." Then in the next frame, the new employee meets a Gen X who is not that welcoming and says, "Hello…oh, this is the new hire. What's your position? Very cool. Good to have you on the team." She goes on to ask, “By the way you are not the emotional type, right?" "Because I don't do well with those. I tend to criticize a lot and I'm well known for my gaslighting, which does make people a little nervous."

Image Source: Instagram | @fishbowlapp
Image Source: Instagram | @fishbowlapp

The next frame includes a millennial who seems to be the only one happy to see a new employee. She excitedly says, "Oh my gosh, hi. You must be the new hire. How are you? I'm the millennial." However, she mentions Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the conversation. "Did you know financial PTSD is a real thing? I have lived through 15 different recessions. I'm fine. I'm doing fine," she tells herself.

In the end, a Gen Z meets the new hire. "Hi, Gen Z nice to meet you," she says. When asked about work title, she tells the person she is rich and single. Then clarifies that, "You mean by my work title? Who cares about that stuff? Keep this on the down-low, but I don't actually come here to work. I come here to vibe. Honestly, though, the vibes here have been kind of dead lately, so I may or may not quit. You wanna join?" the Gen Z asks.

Image Source: Instagram | @fishbowlapp
Image Source: Instagram | @fishbowlapp

People on the platform found the depiction of different generations accurate. @caligirl.chi commented, "Gen Z is spot on!" @erok84640 wrote, "Lmao, I could have not described myself better." @triplet7398 shared, "Omg, I am Gen X and that is me! When I started my job 15 years ago. My supervisor was a boomer and said these exact words, 'I'm retiring in three years. I'm not learning this new computer system, print it out and go see someone else for assistance.'" 

@ghostcode expressed, "As a Gen Xer......we would say 'Oh...hey, what's up' and then go back to work. We don't care if you're new or what Gen you are....just leave us alone." @paperdolldecays said, "I'm a millennial, but I have a Gen X attitude toward work."

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