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Mom says she is tired of getting financial advice from wealthy boomers, sparking debate

While this mom is sweating it out at work to make enough money to afford childcare, her neighbors are living in luxury.

Mom says she is tired of getting financial advice from wealthy boomers, sparking debate
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @sheisapaigeturner

Our society consists of people who have very distinct financial situations. Not everyone can afford to have multiple luxury cars parked in their driveways. Sometimes, people are just trying to make it to the end of the month with the salary they get from their back-breaking work obligations. Paige Turner—who goes by @sheisapaigeturner on TikTok—is calling out her out-of-touch rich neighbors who do not stop sparing her unsolicited financial advice. According to the struggling mom, her neighbors are considerably rich and their luxurious lifestyle is displayed for others to see.

Image Source: TikTok | @sheisapaigeturner
Image Source: TikTok | @sheisapaigeturner

Turner created a video to share her honest thoughts about her living conditions compared to her neighbors. “If one more Boomer tells me to live within my means when I tell them that I struggle to pay for child care because of how insanely expensive it is, and they tell me just to cut back on things that are not necessities, I might lose my mind," she starts her video. "Because I’m sitting here and I’m looking at all my neighbors, they’re all boomers because they just haven’t sold their houses yet.”

One neighbor's house, which sits right in front of her line of sight, has three luxury cars in their driveway. Along with that, there is an actual private airplane resting on the driveway as well. "Like, I've never asked for an airplane. I'm just asking for affordable daycare," Turner lamented. "If I look at the house next to them, there's four cars in their driveway and a big boat. So, I'm being told to limit my expectations, to live within my means, to stop trying to have so much materialistic stuff and just focus on what's important, like my kids and my home, which is what I'm trying to do." She adds that her family hardly goes on vacations, yet she does not have enough to pay for daycare.

Image Source: TikTok | @sheisapaigeturner
Image Source: TikTok | @sheisapaigeturner

Fellow TikTok users were unhappy with the boomers who kept telling Turner to live within her means so she could run her household smoothly and afford childcare easily. However, some people took the side of the rich boomer neighbors as well. @furmama0327 wondered, "Genuine question here. Absolutely no hate. Don’t people think about the cost of things and what it takes to raise a child before having kids? @lvnitup joked, "Boomer here. We had no vacations no cell phone. One car. 2 or 3 jobs. No computer. Used everything. Cooked every day. Leave my airplane out of this." @hotstuff1980 wrote, "Boomers may no longer have childcare or a mortgage. But medical costs and home maintenance on a fixed income will catch up to the current spending."

Image Source: TikTok | @dumpsterconnoisseur
Image Source: TikTok | @dumpsterconnoisseur

@18100naturalbornwoman commented, "Those boomers have worked way longer than you have and have already been in your shoes. Worked their way to having those things. You are not the same." @kalamaree mentioned, "Just remember their generation cutting back would have allowed them to afford that boat because they were single income households with a parent who had a person at home who could coupon, meal plan, budget take care of kids and the other person income was enough to sustain them. They see us doing an online grocery shop and wonder why we don't go to the market and the butcher and get the coupons and meal plan, etc."

@sheisapaigeturner Boomers are out here owning airplanes for fun and I am being told to live within my means because I want affordable daycare. #boomersvsmillennials #millennialfinance #childcare #daycare #millennialmoms ♬ original sound - Paige


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