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Toddler's adorable reaction to her father dancing for her is just cuteness overload

As groovy music plays in the background, the father does a cheerful dance. What the little one does next is too cute to miss.

Toddler's adorable reaction to her father dancing for her is just cuteness overload
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @britt_true_

Toddlers are bundles of joy who always keep their parents on their toes. The little ones are always exploring something new and expect constant entertainment around them. So, parents resort to various means like getting them new toys, letting them have screen time or sometimes, becoming the source of entertainment themselves. To show how parents' participation impacts the tiny tots, Brittany Larsen-True (@britt_true_) shared an adorable video capturing a wholesome father-daughter moment on Instagram. With nearly 6500 views, the video not only shows the little one's cute reaction but also shares a powerful message that every parent needs to understand.

Image Source: Instagram | @britt_true_
Image Source: Instagram | @britt_true_

Larsen-True, a baker and mom to a one-year-old, is popular on Instagram for the delightful glimpses she gives of her loving family. Recently, she caught her husband dancing to the tunes of "Come and Get Your Love," a song by the American rock band "Redbone." The cutest part was the dad was dancing in front of his daughter and the little one couldn't hold her excitement in. Sitting on a recliner couch with a pacifier in her mouth, the chirpy one-year-old wiggled her body to the groovy music and was smiling and giggling looking at her dad's comical dance. The whole time her dad was dancing, the toddler couldn't take her eyes off of him and seemed quite amused. 

The text overlay on the video had a strong and much-needed message on parenting that said, "Your child doesn't even need toys or TV. They need a good dad who plays with them." Larsen-True also wrote about this beautiful bonding moment in the caption saying, "He’ll do anything to make his princess happy. Ladies find the man who will be a good daddy." In a world where babies are distracted by toys or stimulating colorful videos, this mom and dad showed what a child truly needs. Reacting to the video, @amandarichardson.25 wrote, "This is the cutest relationship ever." @kailani675 commented, "Oh my gosh. It’s the little wiggle with the bink for me." @alicee.yvette exclaimed, "Omg! Her vibe. Wow, adorable!!"

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The precious moments of parent-children bonding matter a lot to the little ones and even as adults those are the moments we often cherish about our childhood. On this note, a 59-second video shared by a woman who had a beautiful realization about her childhood went viral on the internet. u/Mint_Perspective posted a video of her father playing with 'seashell hunting' with her two children. "When you get older and realize that a magical childhood is the result of your parent’s effort," she wrote in the caption. 

Image Source: Reddit | u/Mint_Perspective
Image Source: Reddit | u/Mint_Perspective

The 32-year-old woman revealed that her dad used to take her seashell hunting during her childhood. To entertain the kids, he used to buy seashells from the souvenir shop and plant them randomly across the beach so that the kids could spend time finding them. In the video, the man played the same game with his grandchildren too. The kids were excited about finding seashells and were playing joyfully outdoors rather than locking themselves to screens. Just as the woman pointed out, it's the simplest moments like these where parents spend time with their kids that are the most memorable when they become adults.

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