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Son gives mom a sweet and adorable surprise for Christmas that healed her 'inner child'

Usually parents spend a lot of time and planning into Christmas gifts for kids but this little boy had something else in mind.

Son gives mom a sweet and adorable surprise for Christmas that healed her 'inner child'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @ruthhagmann

We are used to giving and receiving plenty of gifts during the holiday season. We all know thoughtful gifting takes a lot of effort and sometimes, not everybody gives such presents to each other. However, this kid was ready to do anything to get his mother the perfect Christmas gift. He ended up giving his mom her favorite childhood toy and she couldn't hold back her tears. A mom of two, Ruthie Hagmann—who goes by @ruthhagmann on TikTok–posted a video where she can be seen opening up a gift that her 8-year-old gave her. The overlay text reads, "My 8-year-old gifted me the most thoughtful gift for Christmas."

Image Source: TikTok | @ruthhagmann
Image Source: TikTok | @ruthhagmann

The first gift she opens is her doll's glasses which was sort of a hint for her actual gift. She becomes emotional seeing it. "For the past year, he has asked me so many times what my favorite toy was when I was younger...," reads the caption. She says that her answer never changed and she kept telling him it's her American girl doll, Molly. Haggman explains why it had been so special to her as a child. "We moved around so much when I was little that I ended up losing Molly that made my son so sad to hear."

Since April, her son had been planning the perfect gift for his mom and expected to get Hagmann her "very own Molly for Christmas." In the video, the child hands over a big gift box to her mother and it seems like she already knows what's coming. She starts to cry while opening it up. The inside red box reads, "American girl" and she shows it to her family members and begins to cry even more. She then opens the box and says, "Molly, it's my Molly." The overlay text reads, "He truly healed my inner child with this gift. I can't believe how sweet he is, I'll never forget this Christmas."

Image Source: TikTok | @ruthhagmann
Image Source: TikTok | @ruthhagmann

He made her mom's Christmas extra special with this wonderful gift. The video went viral with over 12 million views and has the caption, "Best Christmas present ever." People on the platform loved the son's gesture. "'To be loved is to be known.' Your baby made sure he knew his mom!" @Caitlynshouldbewriting commented. "Imagine at 8 being so loving, attentive, caring, and compassionate as your son," @PRIVATE00112233 wrote.

"He couldn't even stand still, he was SO glad the day finally came to give you this. What a sweet boy," @Brittaniebatch said. "You raised an AMAZING son! If his love language is not gift-giving, then I'm dying to know what it is/will be. Merry Christmas to you and your family!" @groanda_a shared. "You probably won't see this, but his empathy, compassion and caring about others is a direct reflection of those in his life. You're doing so well," @twags33 expressed.

In another video that Hagmann posted, the mom says that her son kept the gift a secret for months. Later, after opening the gift, she tells him, "You're such a soft person. I love it." He responds that he knew that she had lost her doll, so he got it. It ends with a beautiful moment in which the mom hugs her son.

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