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Woman grieving her dog breaks down in tears after getting blanket made from his favorite toys as gift

Chelsea Bishop lost her 9-year-old dog to nasal cancer and this blanket made from his toys acts as the perfect pick-me-up.

Woman grieving her dog breaks down in tears after getting blanket made from his favorite toys as gift
Cover Image Source: Tiktok/@ketohalfasser

When you have a pet, you discover a kind of love in your heart you didn't know you were capable of giving. Pets make you kinder, softer, and better. They are your first children sometimes, and always your best friends. After years of companionship, every minute without them can seem daunting. And losing a beloved pet can be one of the most heartbreaking experiences for any animal lover. But sometimes, people around you make it slightly better. For Chelsea Bishop - who goes by ketohalfasser on Instagram - the pain of saying goodbye to her 9-year-old dog Helmet was difficult, as he had been her loyal companion for many cherished years. 

Representative Image Source: Pixabay/Tran Mau Tri Tam
Representative Image Source: Pixabay/Tran Mau Tri Tam


Bishop's dog, Helmet, died from nasal cancer at 9-years-old. Amidst her grief, Bishop received an unexpected and heartwarming surprise from her thoughtful friend Sara Lake (mssara333), who has since touched the hearts of millions. While nothing can replace Helmet, she found a way to make her friend feel better. Her friend came up with a touching idea to help her remember Helmet forever. A graphic designer by profession, this friend decided to create a special memorial blanket using Helmet's favorite toys. She used them all to weave it into a beautiful blanket full of love from Helmet for her friend. 

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The moment when Bishop received this extraordinary gift was captured on camera and shared on Instagram, as well as, on TikTok, making it go viral within a short time. The clip, posted on July 15 by @ketohalfasser, shows how she breaks down in tears as she unwraps the blanket in the passenger seat of her friend's car. Her friend hands her the blanket, which is folded up to hide the surprise inside. Bishop opens the gift and gasps at the sight of Helmet's toys, neatly stitched into the blue material. As she unfolds the blanket, Bishop's face lights up with surprise – and she soons tears up. She then puts her hands over her mouth in delight and bursts into happy tears, shouting, "Oh my God."

Image Source: Tiktok/@ketohalfasser
Image Source: Tiktok/@ketohalfasser


According to the College of Veterinary Medicine, nasal tumors equate to roughly 1 percent of canine cancer. Unfortunately, the disease doesn't manifest clear symptoms until an advanced stage, making treatment challenging. Nasal cancer is usually fatal in cats and dogs. However, treatment can extend and enhance some animals' lives. One of the hardest things Bishop had to go through was losing Helmet, but her friend helped her make through it. She sewed Helmet's cherished toys into the blue fabric, making a lovely and meaningful memorial to their beloved furry buddy. 

Image Source: Tiktok/@ketohalfasser
Image Source: Tiktok/@ketohalfasser


Bishop couldn't help but gush, "This is so sweet," she says in the video. She looks closely at each toy, which makes her weep even more. Bishop screams "the gingey," admiring Helmet's plush gingerbread guy before snuggling the blanket. Her friend hugs her as she sobs more and says, "I love you," to her pal. She adds: "This is wonderful. I can't believe you did this for me." Her friend responds, "I just put them into the machine and sewed it on," to which Bishop says, "You f****** sewed it, that's so sweet."

Bishop starts remembering Helmet's ghost stuffed animal, which is also sewn into the blanket. Bishop pulls her pal in for another hug before revealing that her dad won the plush toy on the claw machine at a bowling alley. Bishop shared the adorable video with the caption, "The sweetest surprise EVER." Moreover, she posted a follow-up video on TikTok, showing the blanket more closely to her viewers. Truly, we all deserve a friend like Sara Lake in our lives!

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