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People come together to debunk wellness writer's utopian dating tip: 'Too good to be true'

This wellness writer's dating tip was too good to be practically followed by people in regular life.

People come together to debunk wellness writer's utopian dating tip: 'Too good to be true'
Cover Image Source: X | @LeArielleSimone

Dating can be tricky where people are not only looking for their perfect partners but they also want to present their perfect selves to their potential partners. In between attaining the balance of perfection in a relationship, people often forget that life is a work in progress and nothing will run according to our wishes forever. Just in case anybody wanted to seek dating advice from Arielle Simone (@LeArielleSimone on X), they might want to think again.


This holistic nutritionist, wellness writer and traveler had a hot take on the dating culture of present times. However, her opinions were not well received by people on the internet despite the post gaining the attention of over 5 million people on the platform. "My hot take is I don't think anybody should be dating until their sh*t is together. Eating healthy, working out regularly, having a morning routine, a spiritual practice, a therapist and financial discipline. Things like that have to come first," Simone wrote.


"Yes, we are always worthy of love but it feels avoidant and emotionally irresponsible to focus on romance, sex and love when you know you have things to work on to be happy about your life. And it doesn’t have to be perfect but love hits differently when we are happy about our lives. we tend to attract the wrong people when we are unhappy and do not take care of ourselves," she added in a comment below. Her opinions were contested by people who came across her post on the X handle. Some spoke in her favor but the major were confused by her tips and wondered if they were actually practical or not.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Vija Rindo Pratama
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Vija Rindo Pratama

@RachelK_ wrote, "A person will be single forever then, cause life comes in waves. You can be good then you’re not. I believe as long as a person's life is not chaotic, dating is fine. Besides, people come along to teach and inspire us to change for the better." Simone replied to it and explained, "That’s not true. It doesn’t take forever to be happy about your life. Why avoid doing the work you need to do before getting into a relationship? Why is that more important than making your own life happy?" @jordielighsee mentioned, "Dating is healthier when you (and the person you’re dating) prioritize mental, physical and spiritual health. Intentionally working on yourself and your partner who shares the same intention creates a solid foundation."



@s_fupa shared, "Nah, sometimes these things don’t always happen at the same time. From life experience, it creates a mindset of being unworthy of love until all these things are achieved. I am worthy of love while I progress and grow. I thought this was in my 20’s and early 30’s. I missed out." @iamthesoulpoet remarked, "When I was in this state my default setting was to hide away from the world and force my way into a regulated, healthy way of life, it's crazy to think there are people who actively want to mingle and seek pleasure with others whilst in these conditions, maybe it's a distraction?"

@kemimarie agreed with Simone and commented, "This is exactly why I just had to pause on dating, pursuing anything like hold on man. I can’t give to anybody if I don’t have myself." @VictorAdejare quipped, "I 101% agree with this. When I decided to get serious with my career, I changed my location and requested a break from my relationship (even tho I lost her to another man). I was so focused on my career and God helped me. 2 years later, the right woman came and here I am today. I can boldly say that they rushed me but I wasn't moved." @themanwecalledgod added, "I’ll never understand the urge to make dating and relationships seem very complicated. What matters is; that involved parties never forget that they’re dealing with another sentient being who lives and feels just as much as you do."

Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Josh Hild
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Josh Hild

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