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Little kid beams with joy as grandma surprises him in the cafeteria during lunch

The kid walked in a black T-shirt and shorts and ran to a table to keep his water bottle. He didn't notice his grandma until he reached her.

Little kid beams with joy as grandma surprises him in the cafeteria during lunch
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @braylen.dansby

We have seen parents showing up for their kids at school functions, but a grandparent surprising their grandkids at school can surely melt anyone's heart. And that's what happened when a 5-year-old saw his grandmother waiting for him at the cafeteria during his lunch break. The boy had the most wholesome response and could not contain his joy. People on the internet also loved the surprise.

Image Source: Instagram | @brayley.dansby
Image Source: Instagram | @brayley.dansby

The adorable video was shared by Braylen Dansby's (@braylen.dansby) Instagram account, supposedly run by his parents. It began with kids entering the cafeteria one by one during lunchtime. The text overlay reads, "The day Grandma showed up for lunch." Dansby walked in a black T-shirt and shorts and ran to a table to keep his water bottle. The grandmother was heard calling out his name, "Braylen! Braylen!" He only heard it once he was near her table. The child turned to her and looked at her for a few seconds in disbelief and then smiled at her. Then, he returned to his table, picked up his water bottle and started running to his grandmother's table.

Image Source: Instagram | @braylen.dansby
Image Source: Instagram | @braylen.dansby

The 5-year-old shouted in excitement, "Meemaw!" and smiled as he reached her table. Throughout the video, "You've Got a Friend in Me" was playing in the background. The video garnered over 12 million views on the platform. People loved the grandma's surprise for her grandchild. @mvss.understood commented, "This legit made me cry. I miss my grandma so much. That woman loved me more than life." @ris_dejesus wrote, "Showing up is everything. Wholesome! Bless them both. I always wanted grandparents as a kid."

Image Source: Instagram | @blameitonthebourbon
Image Source: Instagram | @blameitonthebourbon

@princess_chocolate_sparklez shared, "Love how excited he is to see his grandma! When my son realized that 1st grade was all day and he wouldn't have lunch with grandma, he melted down. The first week of school, she was a retired 4th-grade teacher. She went to school to have lunch with him. After that first week, he made a friend and was ok not having lunch with grandma. What they do for their grandbabies." @mahaffey_cynthia said, "Reminds me of the times in elementary school when my mom brought me a kid's meal just before lunch. We did not have extra money, so this was a rarity that was appreciated. We ate home-cooked meals." @ywinsbury wrote, "Makes me tear up! I'm doing that a ton! And the song. It's your song."

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In another story, a woman shared a video in which her mother was so happy that she was getting to meet her grandchild for the first time. Hannah Pearl posted the video on TikTok and captioned it, "POV: When you become a Nanny for the first time." The new grandma was seen jumping up and down in the parking lot as she went to see her grandchild. Pearl asked her to calm down. After hearing that, she tried to contain her excitement but was still quite eager. She even ran across the street to quickly reach her grandkid. Finally walking a bit more, they arrived at the hospital and she gently took the baby in her arms. The video ended with the grandmother and mother admiring the child.

You can follow Braylen Dansby (@braylen.dansby) on Instagram for more content on his life.

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