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Student gift their color blind teacher the most thoughtful gift: 'It makes my life better'

The teacher was surprised when his students gifted him the glasses. He could now see the colorful world around him, which included his students and kids.

Student gift their color blind teacher the most thoughtful gift: 'It makes my life better'
Cover Image Source: YouTube | 11Alive

Teachers are known as the backbone of a society. They help shape the future of human civilization with their wise lessons and education. On the other hand, students also impact the lives of their teachers in various ways. A beautiful example of this relationship can be seen between these students and their favorite teacher. Roger Alcala, a Physics teacher at Samuel Clemens High School, Texas, believes that his students have given him back what he taught them. They got to know that Alcala is colorblind during a class. Piper Smith, a student, shared, "We have red and green markers, and we were drawing graphs, and he was like, with this marker..." "We were like, 'That one is green, you already used green for the last one.'" That's when he confessed to them that he was colorblind, per KHOU11.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Max Fischer
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Max Fischer

After hearing his confession, the students got him a special pair of glasses to help him see the colorful world around him. The Physics teachers specifically cannot see red and green. "My eyes and brain can't tell the difference sometimes depending on the hue," Alcala told 11Alive. "Sometimes, when they put red next to green, they look like the same color," he added. The students together raised $400 to get him a special glass. Alcala was surprised when they gifted him the glasses. He could now see the colorful world around him, which included his students and kids.

"Wow, I'm really colorblind," he jokes after wearing the glasses. He thanked his students for such an amazing gift. He said, "So when I put these glasses on, it breaks up the wavelength so I could separate those two colors and I see them how you see them," Alcala said. "It's all Physics and I'm teaching them Science and they gave it back. It makes my life better. Such a big impact in my life." One of the first things that the teacher saw after wearing the glasses was the bright-colored shirts his students were wearing and he also saw the artwork made by his kids kept on his desk. "They just made such an impact on my life," he expressed. "Man, I love them."


In another story, a teacher shared how encouraging one of his students has been. u/girldad0130 wrote on Reddit that he had a career change and became a middle school teacher. He added that it hadn't been easy to work in school because he was constantly struggling with impostor syndrome. He received a note from a student he worked hard with, which melted his heart. The student wrote, "Thank you for being the best teacher. You always put a smile on my face. You are the best and the funniest person I've ever met. You are kind, joyful and funny and you have the best classroom ever. When I'm down, you make me happy, so keep doing the best of your job and keep up the hard work!" People on Reddit also appreciated the teacher for paying attention to the kid and working with him.

Image Source: Reddit | u/girldad0130
Image Source: Reddit | u/girldad0130

u/Still_Soxfan0215 wrote, "You'll often hear successful people mention one teacher that impacted their life. Sounds like you are that one teacher."  u/deleted quipped, "Thank god for teachers like you. I have gotten very cynical about the state of our schools and the state of the world in general. This helped me remember that there are still miracles and important connections happening all the time. Thank you for the work that you do." 

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