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Mom spots daughter and her adorable partner in crime tucked away in a heartwarming moment

The bond between children and dogs is priceless and this warm moment captures it in the best way possible.

Mom spots daughter and her adorable partner in crime tucked away in a heartwarming moment
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @embracingecho

Children are adorable and their bond with dogs is precious. The bond enlists care and nurturing for both parties and is a beautiful thing to witness and watch. Jamie Simpson—who goes by @embracingecho on Instagram—regularly shares beautiful moments with their family dog, Echo. Recently, one of the videos caught the attention of the world and it displays the beautiful bond between him and her young daughter.

Image Source: Instagram | @embracingecho
Image Source: Instagram | @embracingecho

"Okay, I am whispering because I already know where they are now," Simpson started her video, scanning the living room where viewers can spot a white tent structure at the corner. "We just moved and I was fixing that tent over there." However, all of a sudden, her daughter and their family dog named Echo went quiet, which was an unusual moment for sure. To give a little backstory to the viewers, Simpson summarized how her daughter likes to sit in the cabinets of their new home as it makes up for a cool hiding spot.

To make things safe for her toddler, she had even placed blankets inside the cabinets. "If you have seen my last couple of videos, then you might know that Echo is not afraid of a good hiding spot," the mom continues. "And look where I found them." With that, Simpson points her camera towards a half-opened white cabinet where we can see her one-year-old daughter's head peaking out. However, she is fast asleep and has no idea that her mom is filming her nap time in the closet. "Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?" Simpson whispers while fully opening the cabinet doors only to surprise the viewers with their pet pooch lying with the little girl in there.

Image Source: Instagram | @embracingecho
Image Source: Instagram | @embracingecho

Echo has one of his front paws underneath his sister and another lying protectively over her belly. "Are you being a good boy, Echo?" Simpson talks to the dog and gives him a good rub on the head. "Are you taking care of your little sister? Good job, I guess you decided to cuddle with her." She even hesitates to move them from the spot because the picture with the sleeping girl and the quietly resting dog is just too adorable. Just like the rest of the viewers, Simpson wonders how Echo even gets his paws under his baby sister. Then, the video abruptly ends, leaving people looking forward to more wholesome content like this.

Many gushed at the wholesome footage of the little kid with her fur buddy in their favorite hiding spot, but others were worried about the safety of the child and questioned the mother's judgment. @mya_mae4 mocked, "Hey sweetie, get in the cabinet and pretend you're asleep let's also put the dog in there too for the video." @kmmg22 wrote, "I'm 8 months pregnant. I just showed this to my husband and he turned to our 2 dogs and said, 'This is how y'all better be. Angel dog is setting the bar high.'" @lisa.fair commented, "Not gonna lie, but for a moment, I thought you had a very small child and they had stuffed themselves into that tiny top shelf under the TV."

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@hearttohomefarm shared, "My Mom had a picture of me when I was not quite two. We moved to a new house and I fell asleep in a cabinet just that size with my Teddy Bear and cat (also a box of chocolate chip cookies). They're adorable!!!" @ohmahgawdabanana quipped, "I loved hiding in the cabinet when I was younger. Once, my parents took out the drawers above them for repairs and I turned the cabinets into a vending machine with my little brother. I told him to give me money and I’d give him chips through the hole the drawer usually went."

You can follow Jaime Simpson (@embracingecho) on Instagram for more adorable dog content.

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