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Man asks how to use small spaces in house and the internet is ready with hilarious replies

The man had two spaces barely enough for a person to walk through but the internet had hysterically creative suggestions on revamping them.

Man asks how to use small spaces in house and the internet is ready with hilarious replies
Cover Image Source: (L) X | @OtakuRockU_ | (R) X |@exgpro

The crippling economy has made housing and shelter a luxury rather than a necessity. People work two or more jobs to afford a basic apartment without many amenities. Additionally, the lack of houses in the market is distressing. Where people in their 30s could afford a home of their own, it is nearly impossible to afford rent today. This bleak condition has people on the edge, living in a limited and closed space, much to their dismay. The need for a comfortable home has people utilizing even the most concise spaces. Not a single square centimeter is left behind.

Image Source: X|@YellowAngiru
Image Source: X | @YellowAngiru

People have devised creative ways to make do with the small spaces they can afford or rent. These alternatives get hysterical improvisations day after day. Similarly, when @YellowAngiru on X asked people for suggestions to use two compact spaces in their homes, they received the most bewildering recommendations. They shared images of a very slim passage with barely enough space for one person to walk. "Please help… the f**k do I do with two of these spaces??" they asked. However, given the recent housing reality, people were sure the space had vast potential, right from crying corners to offering the space as rent, the ideas have everyone in splits. Here are the top 20 responses that tickled a funny bone!

1. Tend to a student's plight


2. Get victorious


3. Hiding spot?


4. Keeping the balance


5. Make it ironically profitable


6. Ready for battle


7. Business at its best


8. Uh...okay?


9. Quite an idea


10.  Don't see why not


11. Sarcastic grandeur


12. For who!?


13. Using the potential to its best


14. Do or don't?


15. Sure


16. Delusional much?


17. Interesting


18. Never too old, I guess


19. Elite


20. You never know!


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