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Shaquille O'Neal heard a baby crying during his interview. He got her on stage and comforted her

He touched the hearts of many with his concern for a crying baby in the audience while giving an interview.

Shaquille O'Neal heard a baby crying during his interview. He got her on stage and comforted her
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @shaqnews

Shaquille O'Neal, known for his basketball success and motivational speeches, captured the admiration of countless individuals through his remarkable display of empathy. As a father to six kids, he has some experience comforting babies. It was seen when he was recently giving an interview on stage and a baby from the audience started crying. In the video posted on Instagram, as Shaquille heard the baby cry, he said into his mic, “I’m sorry, little baby, where are you? Don’t you cry, you little baby?" “I love you, I love babies. Can I see that baby? Can you bring that baby up?" he continued, as reported by Goal Cast.

Image Source: Instagram | @shaqnews
Image Source: Instagram | @shaqnews

Then, the baby's father got his little girl to the stage, where Shaquille held and comforted her. The baby stopped crying and looked at the crowd. “Babies love Uncle Shaq. I’m sorry,” he quipped. “You wanna go to the club too? Hey, babysitting gonna cost you $200. All right, love you. Love you, baby.” He also asked her name and then he handed her back. “Love you, Mia,” he added. And then, he continued his interview in his usual fashion.

Image Source: Instagram | @shaqnews
Image Source: Instagram | @shaqnews

Moreover, he is also on friendly terms with both his exes, Shaunie O'Neal and Arnetta Yardbourgh. They are also the moms of his kids. “I have two wonderful women that have given me beautiful, gorgeous children, I have to protect, and I have to provide, and I have to love them forever,” he said in an interview with the Pivot Podcast.

In another interview at the 2 Lies and 1 Truth podcast, he discussed how “The best moment is just coming home every day and hearing five, six different voices,” he revealed. “Worst moment is when the separation happened, and they weren’t there every day. That was probably my worst moment.”

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O'Neal has always been this loving and warm to his audiences. In another heartwarming video posted on Reddit by u/bewarethechameleon, Shaquille O'Neal is seen going out of his way to make a young fan's day. The former professional basketball player was busy talking to a few people when a young fan came and hugged him from the back. Soon, the child was escorted away by a security person.

That's when O'Neal turns and sees him being taken away. The person who was shooting the video quickly tells him, "Shaq, please one photo with him. He's your fan. One photo here." The former NBA player agrees and beckons the child back to him. The video ends with O'Neal posing for a photograph with his adorable young fan.

Image Source: Reddit/ u/bewarethechameleon
Image Source: Reddit/ u/bewarethechameleon

The Reddit video has garnered more than 92k upvotes and is captioned, "A young fan is escorted away by security after giving Shaq a hug, after realizing what happened, Shaq called him back over." Many on the social media platform appreciated the star for what he did for the kid. u/roseknight888 commented, "I'm just imaging him quietly saying, 'Sorry little buddy, Shaq didn't see you there.'" Thus, Shaquille is not just a basketball hero but also a warm and loving celebrity to his audiences!

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