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Fancy restaurant finds creative way of serve pasta and it's dividing opinion: 'So extra'

A viral video of a waiter serving pasta in a wine glass at a restaurant has left the internet bewildered.

Fancy restaurant finds creative way of serve pasta and it's dividing opinion: 'So extra'
Cover Image Source: Twitter/ @proyearner

At first glance, the internet was shocked and amazed. But, upon closer look, it seemed like yet another case of a restaurant trying too hard to be fancy. We recently stumbled upon a viral video on the internet, shared by @proyearner, of a waiter serving pasta to a customer in a wine glass. Yes, you read that right! The server kept the glass upside down on the plate, poured the pasta inside and then sprinkled some grated cheese on top. He then gently lifted the glass, twisted it and allowed the pasta to fall evenly over the plate. Finally, he tilted the glass and threw the grated cheese on top of the pasta.



The video instantly took off, garnering 1.4M views and 40.4K likes. Unsurprisingly, it left the internet baffled. Some users laughed it off, while others were utterly confused. Some even pointed out that the eatery was trying to be fancy, but ended up failing miserably. Many took to the comments to ask if this was really necessary and whether anyone would like to try this form of pasta. One user wrote, "I’ve watched this a few times now & for real I’d be sick just bc the portion so small. Knowing I could make this at home with 2 more servings on the stove idkkkkk g :/" Imagine someone takes you here for Valentine's and asks why are you crying", commented @sleepinglion84




"The amount of sauce now stuck in that glass and not on the pasta is heartbreaking", wrote @emsyreed. @myserendipityyy commented, "If this is really in Sicily, I’d be shocked - I agree it’s pointless and any real Italian I don’t think would serve pasta this way. So extra lol"



"This is nasty to me I’m sorry y’all I was a dishwasher before I am seeing how some glasses come out the machine just the thought of someone could’ve not washed that glass good…..", wrote @sheluvsthicmeat

The debate sparked by this video got us thinking-- why do people enjoy watching food experimentation videos? Is it because they give us the opportunity to learn new recipes and get ideas for their own cooking, or simply because of the creativity and ingenuity of the people making the videos? Perhaps, it is a combination of both. With the rise of social media platforms, there is an abundance of cooking tutorials, recipes and food challenges online. It is no wonder that many people find these videos entertaining and inspiring. Not to forget, sometimes, these videos do inspire us to try something new and interesting.

Regardless of the reason, it is evident that the internet loves food experimentation videos and the proof is in the viral video of this pasta presentation. Who knows, maybe this will become the new trend in the food industry. As for us, we will just have to wait and see!

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