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'BBC Dad' marks 7th anniversary of his viral on-air blooper by sharing new family photos

People still remember the hilarious interview where Robert Kelly's children barged into his room during his online meet live on-air.

 'BBC Dad' marks 7th anniversary of his viral on-air blooper by sharing new family photos
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @Robert_E_Kelly

Life's experiences can leave one with several emotions, but often some experiences that may seem weird tend to become memorable treasures to hold on to. BBC dad Robert Kelly went viral years ago for a clip where he was attending an important live news meeting online and his children made the most adorable and hysterical entry. The dad shared the blooper on Twitter, marking its 7th anniversary and added to the thread with sweet family pictures of his kids to follow, embracing his parenting journey and all its imperfections with gratitude.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Emma Bauso
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Emma Bauso

The dad was seen in a serious interview with the anchor at his home when his then-toddler raced into the room, completely unaware of his dad's meeting. "I think one of your children just walked in," the anchor said with a smile. The little girl was Marion Kelly, Robert's daughter, who dwindled into the room and went to her dad.

Noticing the same, he tried to keep a straight face and motion her to go away, but in vain. The little girl stood behind her dad, keeping herself busy with books, markers and whatever she could get her hands on. By this time, the anchor and Robert were finding it hard to control their laughter at the sweetly adorable attempts to get the girl out of the room.


Amid the chaos, Robert's younger son, James Kelly, dashed into the room in his pram, making his way to his sister. Both the kids had no idea they were part of a rather important business meet live on air and were being watched by thousands. They continued their shenanigans behind their dad, who had no idea how to get through the situation except by letting an embarrassed and apologetic smile while speaking.

In the meantime, Robert's wife raced into the room and tried her best to be avoided by the camera, but in vain. She immediately got hold of her kids and got them out of the room. "My apologies," Robert said, chuckling at the crazy love he was able to be a part of.


Years later, he still cherishes what was once an embarrassing memory. He reposted the viral video with the caption, "BBC Dad content. Today is the 7th anniversary of the BBC Dad blooper. So here it is again, with some recent family pictures in the thread below." In the following threads, Robert shared family pictures of his kids. "These are from Marion's birthday party today and James and I went hiking this morning," he wrote, sharing glimpses of the family cutting Marion's birthday cake and James and his dad posing with a beautiful smile. In the following threads, Robert shared pictures of his family at Christmas with Santa, relatives and all their plans.



Undoubtedly, the dad was proud and grateful for his family with all the bits, perfect and imperfect. People were awestruck with how much the kids changed over the years, having grown. Many recalled the video and had a good time cackling yet again. @dreamingtulpa said, "I always lose it when the second one comes in and absolute madness breaks loose." @noivaswright said, "It's crazy to me that this was 7 years ago. Now everyone who was a parent with a toddler during the pandemic truly understands what it was like for y'all!"


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