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Choir boys sing a hilarious 'cat duet' with a straight face and it is cracking everybody up

They take turns reciting meows, some long and drawn out, some quick and very similar to how a real cat sounds, accompanied by the piano.

Choir boys sing a hilarious 'cat duet' with a straight face and it is cracking everybody up
Image Source: Youtube/Skateboxx

Cats are beautiful companions for humans and serve as great indoor pets. These animals are known for their fun-loving and mischievous nature, which everyone finds absolutely adorable. Artists have used cats as a muse and created some brilliant masterpieces, and musicians have also paid tribute to these felines. Among the most amusing examples of this is the "Duetto buffo di due Gatti," a peculiar 1800s opera with uncertain roots, Its title translates to "Funny duet for two cats" in English. The opera has been variously credited to Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse, Gioachino Rossini and Robert Lucas de Pearsall.

In a Youtube video with over 2 million views, two choir boys perform this lighthearted opera. They take turns reciting meows, some long and drawn out, some quick and very similar to how a real cat sounds, complemented by a piano. You can even hear the audience laughing in the background, clearly enjoying this unique music. 



Although it is unknown who composed the cat duet, some assume it was written by the Italian composer Gioachino Rossini, who wrote the comedic opera, "The Barber of Seville," among many other well-known works, per My Modern Met. One idea holds that the feline-inspired tune was composed by someone else but is based on Rossini's 1816 opera, Otello.

The best part of this duet is that the two young boys singing keep a straight face throughout as the audience around them bursts into laughter. A Youtube user commented on the video, "the way they both sing through the entire song with completely straight faces cracks me up every single time." Another shared, "The boys' voices are so beautiful but so damn funny! Gives me goosebumps, whilst pissing myself laughing! Meeeooow!"

Image Source: Youtube
Image Source: Youtube


A third said, "This just never gets old! The dark-haired Meow boy has grown up and is an amazing singer and absolutely GORGEOUS!" Western classical music is frequently associated with seriousness and precision. Many composers capture our complicated emotions and turn them into wonderful masterpieces that we can still relate to. So it's easy to overlook the fact that composers have developed methods to communicate their sense of humor with songs like this duet. 

In another instance, a father who initially didn't want a cat was caught on video singing a Whitney Houston song to the pet. TikTok user Shaan Renoo shared the beautiful video montage on the social media platform that garnered millions of views. Renoo's video shows his father, Kamaljeet Singh Renoo nicknamed Raj, 60, adoring their black-tipped British shorthair cat Angie, just a few months after he was adamantly opposed to having cats in the house. 

Image Source: Youtube
Image Source: Youtube


Renoo opens the one-minute video by demonstrating how Raj repeatedly responded no when asked whether they could obtain a pet cat. A few months later, Raj is seen humorously bickering with Angie after she grabbed his sofa seat. He is then heard saying to the cat that "I will always you" quoting a line from the Dolly Parton song, covered by Whitney Houston, "I Will Always Love You." Incidents like these accurately explain how pets especially cats have become a person's best companions through everything. They can make you fall in love with them and you will end up reciting meows or singing romantic songs for them.

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