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25 meow-larious cat memes that's got us coughing up hairballs like our feline pals

Cats can be furry and cute but these felines mean business. These 25 pictures give you a dose of what it is like to have a cat and it's simply hysterical.

25 meow-larious cat memes that's got us coughing up hairballs like our feline pals
Cover Image Source: Twitter| @DontShowYourCat

Animals have an intellect many cannot comprehend. Though the creatures cannot speak, they very impressively deliver what they're trying to communicate through their actions and expressions. However, the twist is that they do so only if they wish to, making them their own boss. Cats are known for their sophisticated poise making them one of the most bizarre yet hilarious pets. Their sarcasm is unmatched and one has got to be careful with how they treat them for they sure know how to get back at a person, leaving them baffled! The felines go above and beyond to mark their presence, letting their owners know they mean business. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Francesco Ungaro
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Francesco Ungaro

Having cats as pets means having a whole lot of mischief, sarcasm and "bombastic side-eyes" in your life. The experience is truly unlike anything else and the "Don't Show Your Cat" Twitter page has rightly captured what its like for the uninitiated. Cats are here to turn one's life upside down and this page has brilliantly captured the same. Here are 25 top picks from the page to perfectly portray the chucklesome experience.

1. Surrounded from all sides


2. And they say the Grinch stole Christmas


3. It's tough to tell whether they're helping or abducting the lights


4. Getting buffed and in shape 


5. Wonder whether they're punished or just flexing their abilities


6. This is no longer a request, it's a threat


7. They're going to be running for their lives shortly


8. When nap time is the top priority


9. When physical touch is not your cup of tea


10. Meowsome atrocities


11. Stretching, falling or ready to attack? 


12. Having cats means leaving no room for anyone to steal one's attention


13. When you get out of the house to work on a weekend instead of being with your cat


14. Surely got the butterflies for this one


15. When you only get the sweater but not the hot chocolate and cuddles 


16. Guess they're gonna be tagging along


17. Picture purrfect


18. They don't look like they're feeling "Bonita"


19. This is no game of peek-a-boo, you're being closely watched


20. When they call you a cat but you have the courage of a lion


21. Pitch-perfect 


22. Learning the art of the "criminal offensive side-eye" from the master itself


23. No one comes between Mr. Whiskers and his Whiskey 


24. Telling you what's on their mind without telling you what's on their mind


25. When you ignore the cat for a long shower


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