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Woman takes her 96-year-old grandpa on a memorable trip back to his homeland in Ireland

She took him back to witness his relationship with his childhood memories and they all ended up having a great time.

Woman takes her 96-year-old grandpa on a memorable trip back to his homeland in Ireland
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @juliethulll

Grandchildren sometimes do the sweetest things for their grandparents that not only strengthen their relationship but also create beautiful memories. A woman named Juliet took her 96-year-old grandfather back to his hometown in Ireland and his joy of seeing his school, the old house and the surroundings are unmatchable. She posted a video on Instagram and captioned it, "Taking my 96-year-old grandpa back to his hometown one last time." The location is Tipperary in Ireland and this heartwarming video won the hearts of many.

Image Source: Instagram/ @juliethulll
Image Source: Instagram | @juliethulll

The video begins by showing the entrance of his school, where it is written, "The Abbey School." The grandfather can be seen reading his report card that the school had since 1946. The overlay text reads, "He passed." He then recites Shakespeare which he had to memorize for his school. After which, he shows the place where he used to play handball in the school.

Image Source: Instagram/ @juliethulll
Image Source: Instagram | @juliethulll

 The whole family can be seen walking to his childhood home. He can be seen enthusiastically telling stories about the house to others and then the grandparents click a picture with all their children outside the house. Following this, they visit the graveyard where his parents were buried in. He also had the opportunity to drive a boat as well. He then shows the family the port from which he immigrated to America in 1949.

He then can be seen happily singing and the overlay text reads, "Singing and dancing to 'It's a long way to Tipperary' the entire time" and then dances with his wife. The video ends with Juliet telling her grandpa she is engaged and he looks happy for her.

Image Source: Instagram/ @juliethulll
Image Source: Instagram | @juliethulll

The video went viral with about 882k views and people loved the elderly man's joy of visiting his hometown. @johnstone_allyson commented, "What an amazing trip for him. But seriously, he looks absolutely fantastic for 96. He's doing something right in life." @nicole.padley expressed, "I have no idea who you are but Grandpa looks like he is having the best time of his life and it just makes me so happy to see other people fully alive."

@the_sswilson said, "The way he lights up when he is telling stories. I studied in Tipperary for a summer in college and it was one of the best experiences of my life." @scaffolded.math shared, "If we could all be as happy as your Grandfather is at 96!"

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Another woman named Sian Stewart shared a video on her TikTok highlighting the beautiful relationship that her grandfather shared with her son after she separated from her husband. The video starts with a picture of her and her son with the overlay text, "Me: 'Grandad, I'm leaving him. What do we do?'" Her grandfather told her, "You come and live with me."

Image Source: TikTok | @siaanstewart
Image Source: TikTok | @siaanstewart

She then goes on to show how he spent time with his great-grandson. In the pictures, the man can be seen swaying the child, teaching him how to walk, hugging the child, taking him around in a stroller, showing him a deer, playing with him in a park and carrying him around. These pictures are a testimony of how the grandad would be an amazing role model for his great-grandson.

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