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Woman stunned after stranger passes note urging her to 'run' from date with 'too many red flags'

The gay stranger had passed the note to her when her date had gone to the bathroom for a brief moment.

Woman stunned after stranger passes note urging her to 'run' from date with 'too many red flags'
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @Hadia__S

Editor's note:  This article was originally published on August 17, 2021. It has since been updated.

Hadia was on a first date when a stranger passed her a note urging her to 'run' because the guy had way too many red flags. Her date had gone to the bathroom and the gay guy sitting near the table, having heard their interaction scribbled a note on the back of an old CVS receipt to warn her. Hadia shared her story of getting dating advice mid-date from a stranger, on Twitter. 'I had coffee with a guy yesterday,' she began her tweet, continuing: 'When he went to the bathroom, the gay guy sitting behind me passed me this note.'

"I had coffee with a guy yesterday. When he went to the bathroom, the gay guy sitting behind me passed me this note," she wrote. The note contained a warning in eight words. Keeping the message to the point, the gay stranger wrote, "Too many red flags. Run. Be safe girl." The tweet went viral on the internet, garnering more than 385,000 likes, and was shared more than 40,000 times. Many were intrigued about what the red flags were and asked Hadia to share a little more about her date. Hadia obliged, sharing information in a couple of follow-up tweets. 


Hadia said that she had identified some of the red flags herself but added that at no point did she feel threatened or felt in danger. So, she continued chatting with him, mainly to discuss his viewpoints on various matters and to hopefully counter his stance on topics they disagreed on. "I recognized the red flags, but I wasn’t in danger, so I stayed because of course, I had to debate him. I’m sure my guardian angel was exhausted and was like “B*TCH, LEAVE!” wrote Hadia.


One of the topics that they disagreed on was about the rapper Da Baby, who was heavily criticized for his homophobic comments. "We did not see eye to eye on the Da Baby situation and he’s a Kevin Samuels fan. I had to look him up and was immediately taken aback lmao," she wrote. Kevin Samuels is a pseudo-love-guru, who is a sexist and is known for targeting the vulnerability of Black women, as per an op-ed on Yahoo News. He is known for rating his guests using “sexual marketplace value,” a term he coined himself. He has been criticized for encouraging men to make distasteful comments about women.


She went on to add that there were a few more glaring red flags but added that she didn't want to mention, but added that she would have "recognized them with or without the note." She certainly appreciated the stranger for the warning. "But the note was greatly appreciated and added some laughs to my night," she wrote. Despite the tweets, many were curious if there would be a second date. One person asked, "Did you listen? cause if anyone knows men better, it’s GAY MEN." She confirmed there would be no second date.

One Twitter user chimed in, "I can't help but wonder how bright red those flags were for a complete stranger to notice and write a warning note. Big yikes." Hadia responded by writing, "As bright as my red nails." Many wished they had a friend like the gay stranger. "I’m just saying if a man who dates men, tells me to run duh, I’m hitting the JETS," wrote one user. Some men said the stranger and the woman were too quick to judge the guy, adding that it was ok to have different tastes and opinions. Another Twitter user countered, "Judging by a good portion of the comments on this post, a lot of men are fearful that their red flags are easily detected."


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