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Sethuraman s

About Author

Sethuraman has been writing for more years than he can remember, clocking at least ten years as a journalist. His love for writing saw him gravitate towards journalism and cover beats that he was passionate about, including politics, sports and entertainment. He loves nothing more than a lazy day with his two dogs, Marvin and Girl. He/Him.

Area of Interest

While politics drives him crazy, football, music, and cinema keep him sane. He has also dabbled a fair bit in photography and design from time to time.


Sethuraman has a bachelor's degree in Economics from Madras Christian College, India.

Previous Experiences

He is the managing editor for Scoop Upworthy and has been working on the page in various capacities over a period of 4 years. He started as a senior writer on the website in 2019 and has penned over a thousand articles for Scoop Upworthy. He worked for Deccan Chronicle as a writer and sub-editor, covering local and national news for 5 years from 2011-2016.