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Woman breaks into tears as her parents show up just before her due date: 'What a beautiful moment'

The daughter seemed like she still couldn't believe that her parents came to support her through a challenging time.

Woman breaks into tears as her parents show up just before her due date: 'What a beautiful moment'
Cover Image Source: Instagram/ @nairbravometz

For a new mother, having a strong family support system matters a lot. Mainly because there is so much to do, from taking care of the older child and cooking to managing household chores, so getting any sort of help is crucial. So, a woman nearing her due date experienced an overwhelming surprise when her parents unexpectedly arrived at her home. The sheer joy and gratitude she expressed were truly priceless as they showed up to help her out with the chores.

Image Source: Instagram/ @nairbravometz
Image Source: Instagram/ @nairbravometz

The woman, Nair—who goes by @nairbravometz on Instagram— posted a video where her parents can be seen knocking at the door. As soon as she opens the door, she becomes emotional after seeing her parents. Her mom gives her a tight hug and her dad kisses her on her cheek and hugs her. Both parents then kiss her baby bump. After this, her dad starts talking to his other grandkid and the mom continues conversing with her in the video. The daughter seems like she still can't believe that her parents are there and she is glad they made it.

Image Source: Instagram/ @nairbravometz
Image Source: Instagram/ @nairbravometz

The video has garnered about 337k views and people loved the parent's surprise for their daughter. @Iyzkar31 commented, "There, I was quite excited. Only those of us who have our parents far away know how difficult it is, to be without them, what a nice surprise, enjoy them, you will go calmly to give birth. What a joy!" @eymidean8 wrote, "What a beautiful moment friend, you made me cry." shared, "What a beautiful moment Nair, lots of love for you, enjoy as much as you can."

(All the comments mentioned were originally written in Spanish and have been translated to English using Google Translate).

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As they often say, "It takes a village to raise a child," the phrase is true in every possible way and having as many helping hands as possible just makes it better for the new mother and the child.

Parents love to surprise their children. Sometimes it's showing up to be there for them and a few other times, it's gifting something they really love. In another story, it was a boy's 12th birthday, and he had been wanting a dog for a long time. His parents gave him a package with some dog toys. "Oh, what is this?" he says as he opens the package. After he sees it, he exclaims, "Oh my goodness. This is like a..." His mom says, "It's Cool, Right? It's Stranger Things, Right? That's what you like?" He replies with a simple "yes," and his mom continues to ask, "Cool, what's the other thing?"

After a while, the boy hears a squeaky sound and his mother asks him, "What is that?" The boy looks confused and replies, "There are dog toys." His mom asks again and he confirms. That's when his dad from behind comes with a cute black dog in his arms. The child is stunned and his mother apologizes, "I am so sorry, but you need a dog. Happy Birthday!" He is overwhelmed and has tears of joy and says, "Oh my gosh, I am gonna cry." His wish finally came true.

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