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'Wheel of Fortune' contestants took an astonishing 10 tries to guess this easy phrase

What seemed like an easy answer ended up frustrating three contestants for a total of 10 attempts, driving the audience nuts.

'Wheel of Fortune' contestants took an astonishing 10 tries to guess this easy phrase
Image source: Wheel of Fortune/ABC

"Wheel of Fortune" viewers were expecting a relaxing show but ended up tearing their hair out as they watched one contestant after another stumble over a common phrase. The contestants had to guess the phrase "Another feather in your cap" and it was almost solved. The screen read:  "Another feather  _n   yo_r   _a_" and pretty much everyone knew the answer but the contestants, reported PEOPLE. It took two minutes before someone could answer it and honestly, it felt like an eternity. The clip of the incident has gone viral on Twitter with some labeling it one of the most obtuse two minutes in "Wheel of Fortune" history. People ended up screaming at their TVs with tears streaming down their eyes as it took eight tries before someone could solve it. 



The incident happened on Tuesday's episode of the game show. Everyone watching the show assumed this one was in the bag but they were in for a surprise. It started with Laura, who guessed, "another feather in your hat." To be fair, that is an easy mistake to make, considering hat and cap are fairly interchangeable.

Laura was followed by Christopher who landed on $650 and guessed the letter G. Another feather in your gap? Are you kidding me! It was then Thomas' turn who spun the wheel and landed on bankrupt. Now, it was Laura's turn all over again and everyone assumed she'd guess it. She guessed 'hat' initially and surely you follow it up with 'Cap.' She confidently answered, "Another feather in your lap!"


Vanna, who stood by the letters, almost started walking towards 'Cap' to change it before realizing Luara had messed it up. "I have never wanted to scream this loudly in my life," one person captioned the video. It was now Christopher's turn and surely, he guesses it this time. He spins the wheel and it lands on $900. An even better deal than the last time around. Christopher guessed the letter D. What?! D? What kind of a guess is that. Another feather in your dam? in your dan? dap? "I am in tears," tweeted one person.

Now, it was Laura's turn again. Her third shot at this. At this point, everyone had almost given up hope but still hoped against hope that she would get it right. At this stage, after covering most permutations and combinations of the three-letter word, if anything, the odds of it getting it wrong were higher. But not high enough for me to bet on a contestant getting it right. Laura spun the wheel and it landed on $700. She guessed the letter P. Laura then guessed 'Map.'



Another feather in your map. Vanna, who was trying her best to hide her disbelief threw her head back in disbelief. "The woman on Wheel of Fortune got not one but TWO chances to solve this. First time, she said “…in your LAP.” Second time, she said “MAP.” I am in utter disbelief," wrote one user.





And we're back to Christopher, who spins the wheel and it lands on bankrupt. Finally, we landed back on Thomas who missed out on the last turn. He spun the wheel and it landed on $500. Thomas guessed C before completing the phrase correctly — "Another feather in your cap."

For a world that now plays Wordle first thing in the morning, the ending of that clip felt like a moment of catharsis. Bringing to an end the longest two minutes of their lives. 

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