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This karate class encouraging a kid is the cheerleading squad we all need: 'Need more of this'

'That's pure positive energy from his teammates. They did not let him down.'

This karate class encouraging a kid is the cheerleading squad we all need: 'Need more of this'
Cover Image Source: Reddit/thelonelyasshole

Your self-confidence, regardless of whether you're young or old, is greatly influenced by your support system. You can accomplish the seemingly impossible with the appropriate people's support. In a now-viral video posted by user u/thelonelyasshole on Reddit's subreddit r/MadeMeSmile, a child learns how vital the right kind of support is. The young child, aged about 4 or 5, is seen attempting to shatter a board with his foot while taking a karate lesson. The teacher is incredibly encouraging, but the child can't seem to execute the lesson correctly.


Although he is not able to break the board despite multiple tries, none of the children around him tease or demotivate him. After his first attempt, the youngster collapsed to the ground, and after several more failed tries, he began to cry openly. "You can do it, Phoenix!" the teacher keeps insisting. Cutely, his classmates started yelling his name and encouraging him, which motivated him to keep trying. Finally, with one kick amid the cheering, the boy manages to kick through the board, splitting it into two at last! His classmates and coach surrounded him with joyful hugs as a result.

Many users commented on how rare it is to see uplifting moments like these. The post has over 11,100 upvotes on Reddit since it was posted a day ago. u/Courageous_Chameleon commented, saying they wish more people were like this, "I'm a teacher and I really wish that more parents let their kids have experiences like this. Too many parents don't let their kids struggle, which is a mistake because struggling is an important part of learning. The instructor played it perfectly: firm, but encouraging. He let him feel his feelings but helped him persist too. We need more of this."

u/Mediumokrahmom commented, "He looks 4/5 and that’s such a tough age. Soo many emotions you’re trying to learn and regulate at that age!" u/jrc83 commented, saying, "This is one of my favorite videos ever. Good for that kid to persevere. it’s so awesome that the other kids were cheering him on and his teacher was so great at inspiring him. Warms my heart to see." 

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit


u/Annie0minous commented, "That's pure positive energy from his teammates. They did not let him down." u/smellzgoodbabe agreed with them, commenting, "Transfer of energy. And little man tapped in… board didn’t have a chance :)"

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit


Another instance of children supporting each other was winning hearts on the internet when last month, a young child got this love from his mates at school. A little boy was surprised by one such heartwarming celebration at his school after he beat blood cancer. In August 2021, the young child, Bernardo, "was diagnosed with leukemia and underwent long and painful chemotherapy treatment." Last month, he returned to school after he was declared cancer-free. His schoolmates and teachers gathered around to celebrate the milestone!

Bernardo is moved to see his entire school decorated with balloons and all his schoolmates lined up on the sides of the entrance, gathered to celebrate the young boy beating cancer. The video is captioned, “A hero’s return! Cancer-free and back at school!!!" Bernardo’s schoolmates can be seen welcoming him with messages of support. One of the cardboards read, "Bernardo, we are glad for your presence!" as the boy enjoys a "hero’s return to school.” 

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