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Co-workers wear leggings in solidarity after woman was denied a raise for wearing them in the workplace

The woman revealed her co-workers wore loudly patterned leggings in a TikTok video. "Now everyone in the kitchen wearing leggings," read the text.

Co-workers wear leggings in solidarity after woman was denied a raise for wearing them in the workplace
Image Source: TikTok/pyrofrenchfri

Most of us have dealt with bad managers who find fault in everything their employees do. They try to find any reason to make life difficult for those working with them and in the most extreme of cases can deny promotions and raises for any reason. However, despite the fact that there might not always be any meaningful redress in such circumstances, a woman's co-workers recently showed that unity and resistance can solve any problem, per God DailyDot.

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok


In a video posted on TikTok in January, @pyrofrenchfri claimed that the reason she wasn't given a raise at New York Pizza and Deli was because she was wearing leggings. Although it wasn't immediately obvious if wearing leggings to work was officially forbidden, or why that would have any influence on how well an employee was doing or deserving of a promotion, it was evident that the woman's co-workers disapproved of the management's choice.

She wrote in the text overlay, "Now everyone in the kitchen wearing leggings." She turned from her own plain black pants to reveal the other workers' loudly patterned leggings. In the comments, @pyrofrenchfri mentioned that one of her employees had really gone to Walmart the night before and purchased a number of items for everyone to wear, even the men.


The display of support received a ton of support from viewers, who even noted that this alone could indicate she deserved a raise after all. 

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok


TikTok user @spidey.wgn commented, "Nah cause when places say 'we are a team' this is what I expect. Nothing less." User @livid.jpeg commented, "That’s how you know you deserved that raise tbh." @kush.wid.a.k47 said, "Imagine them going home asking the woman in their life for a pair of leggings for work." User @ritterz008 said, "I fail to see how wearing leggings ties into a raise unless it’s in the rules. If it’s not then it’s not a legit reason to deny you, but a petty one." User @Shlebly. said, "As a manager, this means a bigger raise because you clearly have a positive influence on the entire staff and boost team collab and positivity."


Co-workers can make a workplace more rewarding and comforting than ever. In another similar instance and display of love and solidarity between co-workers, on his final day of employment before retiring, a guy by the name of Nacho Zomeño was visibly emotional. But as can be seen in the video shared by GoodNewsCorrespondent on Twitter, he was lavishly honored by his coworkers and students. 

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok


As Nacho walked out of the school, everyone raised their pens which is "a sign of respect among colleagues & faculty." In the hallway and courtyard, a long line of students and instructors queued up to praise him for everything he had done for the school. As Nacho left the school for the final time, his face was filled with a range of emotions and a wide smile. Additionally, each faculty member sequentially deposited their pens in a little box in front of the retired instructor as the meeting came to a close. He was holding a huge flower basket while perched on a chair in the center of the school. 


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