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Retired teacher gets emotional goodbye as colleagues and students raise their pens to honor him

All the faculty members place their pens in a little box one by one in front of the retired teacher.

Retired teacher gets emotional goodbye as colleagues and students raise their pens to honor him
Image Source: Twitter/GoodNewsCorrespondent

Retirement is a bittersweet stage in life as one gets ready to leave the workforce and transition into a more relaxed phase of life, free of everyday professional commitments. Leaving a workplace and coworkers of many years can be difficult though. A man named Nacho Zomeño was emotional on the last day of work before retirement. However, as can be seen in the video posted by GoodNewsCorrespondent on Twitter, his colleagues and students gave him a grand tribute. 



As Nacho walked out of the school, everyone raised their pens which is "a sign of respect among colleagues & faculty." Students and teachers lined up in the hallway and courtyard, gave him a big round of applause and thanked him for everything he had done for the school. There was a big smile and a mix of emotions on Nacho's face as he exited the school for one last time. Moreover, towards the end, all the faculty members placed their pens in a little box one by one in front of the retired teacher. He was seated on a chair in the middle of the school with a huge flower basket.

All his colleagues came forward and greeted him while placing their pens in the box. Nacho could take home this box, filled with memories to cherish for the rest of his life. They end the video by saying "Gracias Meastro!" The video which captures such a beautiful moment of a teacher's life resonated with many Twitter users and gathered more than 70k views. Many Twitter users joined the conversation to applaud the teacher and the gesture made by all his colleagues. @MarzapRussell commented, "Wow, beautiful. This gets to me extra because my dad was a professor, and was SO loved by his colleagues and students." Another user, @mare_se, said, "A written word from your pen on your paper, a moment of your thought captured I could read."

In another similar and heartwarming instance, students bid a kind farewell to Dr. Sheridan Steelman who had spent 50 years of her life teaching at a high school.  Her daughter Katherine, a TikTok user (@katherineinmanhattan), captured the moment Steelman's kids surprised her on her last day at the high school on tape. Steelman can be seen heading down the stairs in the opening shot of the video to a place where everyone from the school has gathered to bid her farewell. Steelman is taken aback to find the entire school assembled to wish her farewell. 



Steelman's students can be found applauding and cheering her as she walks out of her class for the last time, in the video. With tears in her eyes, she moves forward among the applause and the text inlay reveals that she was only 22 years old when she started working at that school as an English teacher. This touching video has received over 1.3 million likes and has moved many people to tears. 

These inspiring videos, featuring teachers and their thoughtful coworkers and students, will hopefully nudge everyone to make their colleagues' last days at work special.  

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