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Third-grade teacher plays Wordle in class and kids' energetic reactions are worth watching on repeat

The game, which is quite popular, is not just for adults as it is a great way for kids to learn spellings and enhance their vocabulary.

Third-grade teacher plays Wordle in class and kids' energetic reactions are worth watching on repeat
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @stylewithbrimarie

The online game Wordle has stuck with us since the pandemic and the craze to get the word of the day right first is still a thing. However, the game is not just for adults. It has become a great way for kids to learn spelling and vocabulary. And that is exactly what a teacher did. Bri Marie Jackson, a teacher–who goes on Instagram as @stylebybrimarie–posted a video of her 9-year-old students playing Wordle on the big screen. It shows how kids can learn while having fun.

Image Source: Instagram | @stylewithbrimarie
Image Source: Instagram | @stylewithbrimarie

The caption reads, "Play Wordle with my students as our favorite brain break when we have extra time." She asks her students for a five-letter word and one of them says, "I forgot" and the teacher says, "That's okay." Another suggests "Slept." Jackson enters the word in the game and the letter S lights up green, which means that's the right letter. However, the letter P lights yellow, which means that the letter is there in the word but somewhere else. Immediately, the class gets excited and many of them start to suggest other five-letter words.

One student suggests, "Spoon" and that time, another child says, "That's so good." The teacher asks if she should try and they say, "Yes." Jackson enters the word only to find again that the letter P is in the wrong place. After which, another student suggests, "Snail." At first, the teacher says there is no letter L in the word but soon tells the student, "But that's a great way to know if there is an 'I' in it and A at the same time." Then they knew that the word consists of the letters S, A and P.

After this, a child named Dallas asks to try the word "Swamp" and all the other students in the class begin to repeat the word. "Did Dallas just get it?" says the teacher. The excitement increased in the class, but sadly, that was not the right word. Then the teacher asked another student and he suggested, "Sharp." Jackson looks impressed and the kids repeat, "Try it." She entered the word and that was the correct word of the day and the whole class, including the teacher, began to jump.

Image Source: Instagram | @stylewwithbrimarie
Image Source: Instagram | @stylewwithbrimarie

The video went viral, garnering nearly 5 million views. People in the comments section have a lot to share after watching the adorable video. @soulsaldn commented, "*That's a good one, that's a good one* shoutout to the homie got me hyped." @brianbalthazar wrote, "Wordle is apparently much more fun with kids screaming at the victories along the way!" @de_cem_ber shared, "Awesome classroom management. It takes a lot of work to get the class to work together, have patience, encourage each other, listen to each other and engage, all while thinking. Great teacher!" @kk_dizzy said, "I love the encouragement they have for one another and the excitement. Great way to teach them in a fun and positive way." The video is a perfect example of how teachers can use games to teach kids in classrooms. It keeps them engaged and increases their zeal to learn.

Image Source: Instagram | @stylewithbrimarie
Image Source: Instagram | @stylewithbrimarie

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