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Target unveils pro-trans products including chest binders and packers ahead of Pride Month

Target has collaborated with two queer owned brands—Humankind and TomboyX—to create gender-affirming products.

Target unveils pro-trans products including chest binders and packers ahead of Pride Month
Image source: TomboyX x Target

Target is selling pro-trans merchandise and clothes in an inclusive move that's being championed online. The department store chain is collaborating with TomboyX to launch “chest binders” and “packing underwear” among other things. “Chest binders” are used to flatten the breasts to make one look more masculine, while “packing underwear” has padding that creates the appearance of a bulge. The new gender-affirming product launches are part of its new PRIDE line. TomboyX is a queer-owned apparel brand that designs clothes for the queer community with a focus on trans people. Target is also collaborating with Humankind, another queer-owned company. The sizes will vary from XS to 4XL, reported CBS Austin. TomboyX and Humankind products will begin appearing in stores throughout May and early June. 



Target has also launched underwear, bras and boyshorts in sizes S-4X as part of its collaboration with TomboyX. Most brands tend to brand the pride flag to make empty gestures on Pride Month, but Target hit it out of the park with this one. Humankind’s line includes various swimsuit styles such as swim trunks, tops and uni suits. Making compression tops available in stores is a huge move from Target as most queer youths do not have access to affirming products. Target reps confirmed that it was the first time the retailer was stocking compression tops in their stores.



One person who stumbled on them in Target couldn't contain their joy. They tweeted an image of the compression top and wrote, "Holy sh*t, Target is selling binders. You can buy binders in a f*cking store now. That's incredible. Like, every store does ~*~~*~*pride merch~*~*~*~* but that's actually making a difference for queer youth. I love it." Another added, "TomboyX is collabing with Target to put out discreet half binders in stores for Pride season. These will be moderate compression without a lot of branding, so it will look like a sports bra to those not used to seeing binders. A great option for young people who may be figuring," they wrote



Mila Myles, a Black, queer nonbinary writer and standup comedian who modeled the TomboyX collaboration photos with partner Yasmin Almo, said it was an empowering experience. "We were all [there for] an opportunity to feel seen and for someone else to feel seen," Mila told Bustle



What's even more interesting is that the products are not too pricey, making them accessible. The Target-TomboyX line will be on sale for roughly half of their higher-end TomboyX equivalents. As of now, the binders on sale at Target come in two colors—black and beige. Deborah Ryan, Target’s lead buyer for its PRIDE lineup said the idea was to work with those who had experience creating products for the queer and trans community. “Partnering with TomboyX meant being able to work directly with an expert within the inclusive intimates space to offer items that feature technical design elements intentionally made for the transgender and gender-nonconforming community,” Ryan told Them. “As a queer-identifying person myself, it was of the utmost importance that we build equity within the queer community by elevating these voices across our stores and digital platform, to go beyond the rainbow, beyond the party, in order to celebrate the pride we all hold near to us.”

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