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Rescued pitbull can't stop smiling when surprised with a relaxing spa day after giving birth to pups

Poppy the pitbull mama was rescued from a poor life on the streets and was given a forever home by a North Carolina woman.

Rescued pitbull can't stop smiling when surprised with a relaxing spa day after giving birth to pups
Cover Image Source: YouTube | The Dodo

Carter Cifelli resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, and her home is always crowded with adorable puppies and adult dogs she rescued. So when she came across a pregnant pitbull, Cifelli couldn't ignore her plight and took her home as well. "She was obviously very pregnant, exhausted, filthy," Cifelli told The Dodo about the pitbull mama who was eventually named Poppy. "She had a yucky cough and was skinny and hungry. Wherever she had been prior, she clearly had not been well cared for."

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Poppy felt right at home with Cifelli as she was immediately showing trust toward her new human friend. "She was very tired since she was sick and pregnant, so she settled right in and just seemed so thankful to be somewhere clean and safe," Cifelli said. Within two days of getting rescued from the street, Poppy's pups started to arrive. Her labor was smooth and quick and it seemed that she had previously given birth like a "seasoned pro." In fact, she gave birth to a puppy while chilling on a chair outside. After a while, it was time to reward Poppy with her very own spa day.

Image Source: TikTok | @carterandthepups
Image Source: TikTok | @carterandthepups

"She was very dirty from her life prior to being rescued and from taking care of seven puppies," Cifelli recalled, adding how she had to clean Poppy's eyes several times a day initially. "She loved getting the extra attention and was so calm. She was such a sweet dog and an amazing mom and clearly had not been receiving basic care before being rescued, so I wanted to do something a little extra special for this extra special girl. So, Poppy's spa day was born!"

Image Source: TikTok | @carterandthepups
Image Source: TikTok | @carterandthepups

In a video shared by the outlet, Cifelli can be seen preparing a milk bath for the new mom and sprinkling flower petals in the bathtub where Poppy was clearly enjoying getting pampered. "She had her very own bathrobe, which was very soft and I'm sure felt great to her," Cifelli added. "She was all dried off and then given a paw massage with coconut oil for her dry paw pads. And of course, she was offered chicken broth in a champagne glass because she's a classy lady!"

Image Source: TikTok | @carterandthepups
Image Source: TikTok | @carterandthepups

Poppy was adopted by a loving family shortly after getting rescued and giving birth. "To be able to give them their first pup cup, scrambled eggs, a luxurious spa day, a fun field trip for some quality time and see their eyes light up and tail start wagging as they realize their life just got a whole lot better is worth all of the hard work and heartbreak that comes with fostering and rescuing," Cifelli added. "It's my small way of appreciating them for all of the work they've completed in getting their puppies raised and a celebration that it's the last time they'll have to raise a litter."

Cifelli's video of providing care and comfort to Poppy was applauded by social media users as well. "I can't tell you the dopamine this gave me! Poppy is so sweet and grateful, honestly, I think if you had spent the time even just cuddling she'd be just as happy because it's the affection she so desperately needed and deserved. I hope this girl gets everything she deserves," commented @kacey_dilla. 

@spiritusyeetus joked, "That puppy better be named Chair or so help me." @mccabesfoster wrote, "If she’s anything like my labor-avoiding mamas she was probably thinking if she sat on a chair the labor wouldn’t happen but surprise mama! Chair baby!" @brooklynbundad added, "Omg can’t imagine dealing with all that crazy!! Thank you for fostering them." Thanks to people like Cifelli, animals like Poppy get blessed to experience a forever home and unconditional love.

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