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Nurse shares 'inspirational' remarks made by dads while their partners were in labor

She captioned the video, 'Some partners are hard to live up to!'

Nurse shares 'inspirational' remarks made by dads while their partners were in labor
Cover Image Source: Tiktok | @hollyd_rn

Labor can be an excruciating process for those going through it. It can get extremely stressful too quickly and a partner's unwavering support is crucial in such scenarios. However, instead of worrying about the one giving birth to a literal human being, some men tend to focus only on how they can make the tense environment all about themselves.

Holly, a labor and delivery nurse, shed light on some of the most selfish and thoughtless remarks that men made while their partners were in labor through a series of videos shared on TikTok last year.

Tiktok | @hollyd_rn
Tiktok | @hollyd_rn

The first video in the "Turning inappropriate comments I've heard baby daddy say to their girlfriend/wife in active labor into inspirational quotes" series is set to the tune of "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton. Holly captioned it, "Some partners are hard to live up to!"

The clip starts with the remark, "I think you should just get a C-section. This is taking too long." The next strange remark was, "Sew an extra stitch down there for me, doc. We want everything just the way it was before all of this." Other remarks included, "Are you sure you want an epidural? My mom didn't have one. Before you make a decision, we should talk about it," and "How long is this gonna take? I have plans this weekend."

Tiktok | @hollyd_rn
Tiktok | @hollyd_rn

The video received over 10.4 million views and 28,000 comments. It became so popular that she went on to make a second video on the same matter. In that video, she mentioned remarks made by men such as, "Can you move to the birthing ball, so I can sleep in the bed?"

The next remark was, "Wake me up, when the baby gets here I'm tired (rolls over puts up cover on the head, and slept through the birth of the baby." The other remarks were, "Can you wake me up when the baby is about to have the baby I'm gonna go with **** to the bar and watch the game," and "Do you guys do DNA tests here, my mom wants me to get one before we leave."

Holly has been a nurse for the past six years. She told TODAY Parents, "Sometimes the moms think it's funny — and if they think it's funny, then I'll laugh with them. But if they get upset, I'll try to be the buffer. I'll change the subject."

In another video, Tiktoker Katie Tucoi, who is also a Juris doctor graduate with a specialization in cryptocurrency regulation and financial technology, shared how she makes sure that men take her seriously in a professional setting. "I always start with a firm handshake, not anything cloying, but you actually have to focus on the handshake itself. I always introduce myself with my first and last name and professional context. I try my hardest to structure any assertion in a declarative manner: 'Here, have a seat.' 'These are the documents I need you to bring me.' 'This is my conclusion since the last time we spoke.'"

Moreover, she makes sure to sound confident. "One thing my professors pushed in law school, and I think it's very invaluable, is to stop waffling. 'Well, you know, there's always a chance that this could go wrong. I mean, there's the possibility that...' No, you're being paid for your opinion, your intellect, your research, and what you bring to the table. Sounding unsure about what you're bringing to the table is the first way to undermine yourself," she said.

She also intentionally adopts casual body language which she thinks is key. "I intentionally offer body language that is more casual and naturally masculine, spreading your legs apart, leaning back, throwing your hands behind your head, taking notes on your lap, rather than sitting up straight directly at the table, looking at what you're doing, that sort of relaxed atmosphere actually translates a little bit to arrogance," Tucci said.

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