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New manager's inconsiderate policy forcing experienced staff to quit costs company 125% of profits

The employee had a deal with his old manager and he used to get to do 14-15 hours of overtime per week.

New manager's inconsiderate policy forcing experienced staff to quit costs company 125% of profits
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Ren Terp; Reddit | u/Different-Average-37

Managers often overlook the hard work that a lower-level employee does. Eventually, they learn their lesson the hard way. Similarly, u/different-average-37, an employee at a 24-hour fast food joint, shared their experience with the new boss on Reddit and how the business lost 125% in profits after they quit. The employee started the post by talking about how they started working at 16 and did that for four years. They said, "After having worked there for so long, I was very good at what I did, to the point I could handle the entire store by myself as long as I needed, with little to no drops in customer satisfaction or speed."

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Clem Onojeghuo
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Clem Onojeghuo

During that job, when the employee was 19, their grandfather fell sick and they wanted to be there for him. "My boss and I were close, so we worked out a deal where he would schedule me a ton and I would essentially be on call for any time he needed someone to cover a shift," they wrote. Moreover, they could also work a 24-hour shift on Monday, the busiest day for their store. Being alone also helped them get about 14-15 hours of overtime every week. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kampus Production
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kampus Production

This setup also helped the manager to make money. "Because one guy working for 17 bucks an hour at a time and a half was cheaper than paying three guys 15 an hour to do the same work, allowing him to make way bigger profits," they wrote. Due to this arrangement, the boss also got bigger bonuses and would give this employee a raise every six months, citing how well they were doing. "The other part was that I got a week off a month to visit my grandfather and assist him with his care or anything else I needed, while the extra money allowed for me to help me pay for his treatment," they shared. 

This arrangement went on for a year until the boss was promoted to regional manager. The manager also got the raise because their store was making 15% more than the next highest performer despite being a less traveled area. However, the new manager who took his place wasn't ready to let the employee work the way they were doing earlier. They wrote, "My manager told him of our deal and he scoffed and said it was dumb because of how much overtime he would be paying me. My boss just shrugged because even if the store's performance dropped, he would just look even better."

So, the employee's work hours were reduced to 30 hours a week but was still called in and scheduled for solo eight-hour and 24-hour shifts. "So I was working sh*t hours but getting paid less. He also stopped the week off every month, so I couldn't see my grandfather," the employee wrote. It led the worker to quit his job and the manager realized how big of a mistake he made. "I heard from my boss the store's profits dropped to 15% lower than the next lowest store in the region rather than district and the new GM was shortly fired for somehow dropping 125% in profits and the guy tried to blame me for quitting. Nothing fancy, I just put in my two-week notice, but I thought it was funny," he concluded.

Image Source: Reddit | u/b1602
Image Source: Reddit | u/b1602

People in the comments were happy with the outcome. u/Piddy3825 commented, "This looks like one of those situations that reinforces the concept that people don't quit jobs. They quit managers. Had OP's new manager heeded the deal that was in place, he too might have been moderately successful, but no, he had to make his mark and failed brilliantly. In this case, petty revenge - best served by quitting." u/jkymochi wrote, "Literally handed a golden goose but decided to beat it with a stick until it runs away lmao. Good on you for leaving OP." u/Zoreb1 shared, "Low-level employee quits and profits go down like the Titanic. Corporate wasn't buying it."

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