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Mom who worked as maid for 30 years to support son has moving response to seeing him pilot her flight home

An Ethiopian mother who had been working in Lebanon as a maid to sponsor her son's pilot training gets the best surprise of her life.

Mom who worked as maid for 30 years to support son has moving response to seeing him pilot her flight home
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/afrikan-eye

Children raised by immigrant parents know how hard they toil to ensure their kids can get a better life than they had. Moving to a new country is always challenging for any individual, but they still have to shift away from their family, hoping to get better opportunities at work. The hard work of these immigrants supports their family back home. One such incident captured the stories of these workers who spent most of their lives to fulfill the wishes of their children. The clip shows the wholesome reaction of a mom who was surprised by her pilot son on her flight back home. 

Image Source: Reddit | u/afrikan-eye
Image Source: Reddit | u/afrikan-eye

It is a brief but emotional reunion of an immigrant mother and her son. The video was shared on Reddit by u/afrikan-eye, highlighting the story of an Ethiopian mother who has been working in Lebanon for the past 30 years. The clips show the immigrant mother boarding the Ethiopian Airlines flight to receive the greatest surprise of her life. 

The three-minute-long video goes on to capture the Ethiopian mom's wholesome reaction when she boards the Boeing 737 flight from Beirut Airport to find her son as a pilot on the ET407 flight that was supposed to take her to Addis Ababa, per the Facebook page of Ethiopian Airlines Fanpage. After long years of hard work and sacrifice, the special surprise she got upon boarding her return flight home became a heartwarming moment for everyone present at the scene.

Image Source: Reddit | u/afrikan-eye
Image Source: Reddit | u/afrikan-eye

After she boarded the flight, a flight attendant pushed back a curtain to reveal her son as the pilot of the flight she was about to travel on. Another individual continued to film the mother and son duo as they embraced each other with hugs, smiles and tears of happiness. The unsuspecting mom also receives a big bouquet of flowers and a cake from her son and a bottle of champagne is popped open by a flight attendant to celebrate the sweet moment.


The video was also reposted on the Instagram page of @goodnews_movement with the caption, "Love to see this! The culmination of years of hard work and a mother's love." Floodgates of emotions were unleashed amongst the users who came across this video and many of them left comments to cheer the mom for her sacrifice and hard work while working as a maid in Lebanon to make her son's dream come true. 

@kaudogg said, "I love how she kisses him like he's still her little baby!" @everythingming added, "I know he flew that plane so carefully because not saying the other trips meant nothing, but this time he was carrying his most valuable cargo ever and that was mom. She was so proud of him." @mealziem expressed, "This is such a beautiful greeting! It is traditional to kiss on the cheek three times in a greeting, but if it's been a long time, it can be even up to 4 times and the older one will give a kiss on the forehead and usually, the younger bows to the older and touches the leg or foot out of deference and respect. But here, this mother is so proud of her son that she expresses it this way. So, very beautiful. Thank you for sharing this heartwarming moment."


Editor's note: This article was originally published on October 30, 2023. It has since been updated.

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