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Little girl makes motivational posters for rescued bee fighting for life: 'Well raised'

Not only did the little girl save the bee but also made sure to offer it some encouraging words so that it could recover soon.

Little girl makes motivational posters for rescued bee fighting for life: 'Well raised'
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay, X | @Noosh1977

Some individuals understand that they are part of a greater ecosystem and strive to help even the smallest creatures. This thoughtful little girl from Scotland gained popularity after helping a struggling bee recover in the most innocent and altruistic way. Her mom, Anouska Curzon, proudly shared her daughter's efforts on X, and thousands of people showered love and adoration for her.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | David Hablützel
Representative Image Source: Pexels | David Hablützel

Posting a picture of the rescued bee, Curzon wrote, "Daughter saved a bee and made it some motivational posters." The image shows a sad little bee next to a water drop and some purple flower petals. Curzon later added that they fed the bee with sugar water. Behind the struggling insect were motivational posters with drawings of a bee and inspiring words like, "You can do this," and "Keep going." The post garnered over 1.3 million views in a week, with the comment section full of appreciation for the girl's kindness.


"So cute! I think I need mini-posters like this as motivation. Hope the bee made it!" said @emma_bastin. "Congratulate her! Lovely child and well raised. That’s what I taught my kids early on and they still do it now in their thirties. If it can’t fly, grab a few flowers and put them at her reach or put her in it so she can feed herself," noted @Fanofjays. "Wonderful Willow! You see, for the bee, where there was a Willow, there was a way! Well done, lovely girl. I love bees and you're now a Bee Champion!" lauded @JonHorley2.






Earlier this June, Curzon's daughter Willow McMurray found the bee lying on its back on a piece of wood on their family's land in Auchendinny near Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland, as per Daily Record. On finding how weak the bee was, the 9-year-old McMurray decided to help it with some resources to survive. She scooped the insect in a shovel and placed it in a "chicken drumsticks," container. She also gave the bee two meal options - honey and sugar water and the insect chose honey. She was glad that she could pet the bee without it attacking her and even named it "Honey." Thanks to McMurray's tender care, the bee got better and flew away. 

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Similarly, a video of a woman nursing an injured bumblebee back to health and eventually adopting it was widely appreciated online. Katha—who goes by @kathaaleksi on TikTok—found a hungry bumblebee on the side of a country road and fed it flowers and sugar water. Since the bumblebee lacked a wing, she decided to adopt it and create a shelter for it at home. Her thoughtful gesture for the injured bumblebee was lauded by many, and her account soon became an online journal of the bumblebee's life updates.

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