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Little girl doesn't get invited by classmates to dye her hair. So, her father stepped up

People on the internet were appreciative of this father's efforts and could resonate with him.

Little girl doesn't get invited by classmates to dye her hair. So, her father stepped up
Cover Image Source: Reddit | MadeMeSmile

Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 2, 2022. It has since been updated.

A father-daughter relationship is a special one. A father would do anything to bring a smile to a daughter's face. And that's what happened in this case. A girl was not invited for a hair-dying session by her classmates. The girl's father decided to dye her hair all by himself and that's not it. He even styled her hair with a hairband.

In the video on Reddit, the father can be seen applying hair color to his daughter's hair. There is a narration with text on what happened and what the father is doing. It starts with, "She told me all the girls in her class were going to get their hair dyed together and she wasn't invited. So I did what any dad would do and figured out how to dye her hair."

Reddit | MadeMeSmile
Reddit | MadeMeSmile


He then says that the process is called balayage, and it "was actually pretty simple." He goes on to talk about all one needs: a hair color, a brush, foil, and some clips. That's when he begins to apply the hair color to the tips of her daughter's hair and then wraps it with foil paper. He also does her nails while she waits for her hair dye to set. After washing and drying her hair, he styles it with curls as "it was her personal preference." It ends with him asking, "I think it turned out pretty good, what do you think?" The child looks adorable and pretty in the last frame.

Reddit | MadeMeSmile
Reddit | MadeMeSmile


People on the internet appreciated his efforts and could resonate with him. "I'm sure you'll do fine mate, wanting to be a good dad and making the effort is the main thing. I was genuinely terrified when my daughter was born. "But it turns out having a little dude around that you can play games with, act like an idiot with, laughs at all your shit jokes, and can be player 2 on the Xbox is super cool. You can teach them things about space and dinosaurs and they find it super interesting. As long as you give them attention, help them learn, and teach them basic manners and right and wrong, then you'll end up with a great kid." Another wrote, "Remember to take pictures of all these fun things. When they go off to college or move into their own place for the first time, give them a book with all those pictures and some handwritten notes. Having something they can touch and flip through will be very meaningful and cherished." Another said, "So lovely. She will always remember this and how special and cared for she felt."

Reddit | MadeMeSmile
Reddit | MadeMeSmile


There's another dad on the internet who loves to do his daughter's hair. Jarius and Terrell are a Black gay married couple, who are content creators and create parenting videos. In the video, Jarius can be seen styling his daughter Aria's hair in Bantu knots, a traditional African hairstyle. He then talks about the reason for doing such things. "With our kids, we always want them to understand their roots, their culture, everything about them," said Terrell.

Reddit | MadeMeSmile
Reddit | MadeMeSmile


Moreover, Jarius said that styling Aria's hair also helps them connect. "We get to bond. We get to have those transparent conversations and I just think that in the long run, it's really gonna come back: 'It was always so amazing that every day my Dad woke up and before I went to school, he was always there for me,'" he said.



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