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Little boy throws an unique 'uncle party' to honor all the important uncles in his life

Nothing makes a kid's childhood more memorable than their family putting in extra time and effort to make their wishes come true.

Little boy throws an unique 'uncle party' to honor all the important uncles in his life
Image Source: TikTok | @unclestanandlexie

Most adults love the little kids in their families. While parents have a lot of roles to play in a child's life including some strict ones, the rule doesn't apply to aunties and uncles. Their job description asks them to only pamper their adorable nieces and nephews. Lexie Echols—who goes by @unclestanandlexie on TikTok—posted a video of her son throwing a party for a unique lot - and just how wonderful it went.

Image Source: TikTok | @unclestanandlexie
Image Source: TikTok | @unclestanandlexie

In this video, the first frame shows a very excited kid wearing a green t-shirt and beige pants. He walks towards the camera when his mother asks him, "Okay so what are we doing tonight?" Hearing the question, the little boy jumped and excitedly said, "Having an uncle party!" For some more context, the overlay text of this clip lets us know that the kid has called all of his uncles earlier that week to invite them over for an uncle's party. It was a party where uncles would sit to chill and have a beer, pizza and bacon.

Image Source: TikTok | @unclestanandlexie
Image Source: TikTok | @unclestanandlexie

Echols then asks her son if he's called and invited all his uncles over, to which he promptly replies, "Yeah!" The video shows us a schnauzer whose name is Uncle Stan, which is also there in Lexie's username. In a fun way, she says, "The first uncle who made it is Uncle Stan!" As she said this, the overlay text of the video reads, "Uncle Stan showed up early and ready to party." The video then shows how the kid is going around greeting and hugging his uncles one by one, as they chill and lounge around in the house. He gives the tightest hug to one uncle who might just be his favourite! The last frame of the video is a photo of the little boy with his six uncles, all of whom seem wonderful. The overlay text of this frame says, "The best uncles in the whole world," and that's probably true.

Image Source: TikTok | @unclestanandlexie
Image Source: TikTok | @tiachanele

The comment section was in love with the cuteness of this video. @obeyyyourgoddess resonated with the feeling of pampering your nieces and nephews and said, "My niece did the same with the whole family. She wanted to have a scrambled eggs party. Of course, we all went! 20+ people in a small house." @julierobinvasquez said, "He just wanted to have a fun night with his boys. This is so cute," while @connie96335 added, "That's so cute! I'm glad he has that support with the men in his life! super cute." A lot of the females in the comment section were in awe of the uncles and joked about whether any of them wanted a wife. @cocomelanted86 took the longer route and said, "Beer, pizza, and bacon! Is he looking for an aunt? I’m readily available," @frauleinrandi was more direct and just asked, "So do any of those uncles need a wife???"

Image Source: TikTok | @unclestanandlexie
Image Source: TikTok | @nakyla.m

When viewer @rachaeldurbin asked a valid question and said, "Are these all blood uncles or the friends that show up in his life? As an only child, I won’t get to be a 'real' aunt so I’m all in on my friend's kid," to which Echols replied saying, "These are all blood uncles (we are blessed to have this many great ones nearby!) but I think being an aunt to your friend's kid is just as special!!!" All things said and done, this video was a beautiful example of the special bond that nieces and nephews share with their uncles and aunts.

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