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Incredible video from 1958 shows disabled 'super mom' of 7 using her feet to do daily chores

Born with a disability that left her armless, the mom from England never lost her determination to power through life with 7 kids.

Incredible video from 1958 shows disabled 'super mom' of 7 using her feet to do daily chores
Cover Image Source: YouTube | @britishpathe

Some people's lives exemplify the willpower needed to overcome life's challenges, especially disabled individuals who face daily obstacles and inspire us to view our problems differently. This disabled mom of seven from England is one such inspiring woman who would never let her disability hinder her responsibilities as a mother. British Pathe, a vintage media production company published a documentary in 1958 about Phyllis Lumley from Battersea, London and how she tackles her daily duties without both her arms is one astounding sight to watch.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kristina Paukshtite
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kristina Paukshtite

Calling her one of the "most remarkable" mothers in England, the narrator pointed out that Lumley had been ardently carrying out her responsibilities as a housewife and a mother all by herself. Lumley relied solely on her feet to perform everyday tasks, seemingly not needing hands at all. In the video, the doting mother can be seen combing one of her child's hair, dressing them up, buttoning up their sweater and even ironing clothes with just her feet. Surprisingly, her favorite hobby was doing embroidery. While threading a needle is difficult even for someone with arms, Lumley did it effortlessly with her feet.


"Mrs. Lamley admits that when her first babies were very young there were times when she seemed to be up against problems that were insoluble but she learned that if she thought hard enough she could find a way around every difficulty. After all these years of practice she can cope as efficiently as any normal mother doing the most astonishing things with those wonderful feet," the narrated said. Yet another surprising visual in the video was how Lumley needed no help to light up her cigarettes when she wanted to relax. Being a mom of seven is no easy job and Lumley aced her role despite being armless. The video garnered over 17 million views when Historic Vids (@historyinmemes) shared it on X recently. "The Super Mom of 1958," the caption read.



"It's amazing to see how much has changed since 1958! Super Mom definitely had her hands full back then, but it's also a great reminder of the importance of balance and taking care of ourselves too. Let's strive for a world where all moms (and dads!) can thrive without burning out," said @AzharTheGreat. "We can all agree that the only limitation is our mind. Anything is possible," noted @ruthdavoice. "Always with a smile on her face. Complete grace," added @SusannaHoover10


Speaking of "supermoms," one woman explains how the 'supermom' stereotype is hurting mothers. Author and podcast host Laura Danger shared a video on TikTok saying why she didn't want that title. "I never want to be so essential to an organization or a group or even my family that everything relies on me," she explained. "I want to be important enough that I matter and I want to bring something to the table but I do not want to be the one sustaining anything. I do not want to be so strong. I want to live a life of ease. I want to feel empowered to rest," she added and it resonated with many. 

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