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Husband and wife's honest comics show how their marriage changed after having children

The couple described the changes as complex and added that their children were also a huge source of inspiration for them.

Husband and wife's honest comics show how their marriage changed after having children
Image source: Instagram/jude_devir

Editor's note: This article was originally published on June 24, 2022. It has since been updated.

Yehuda and Maya Devir are both artists and the couple have been documenting their relationship through the years in their comics. Based in Tel Aviv, the couple has also documented the change in the dynamic of their relationship especially after having children and it's incredibly relatable. The "One of Those Days” series is already a huge hit. It seems people can't see enough of their life drawn in pictures. The couple's first child was born in 2020 and they named her Ariel. Yehuda calls her “the most hilarious and adorable creature [he’s] ever seen,” reported HuffPost. The couple welcomed their second child in 2021.


Ariel's arrival has seen a change in their interpersonal dynamic which they believe is natural. “Of course, there is less time to be with each other alone, and our attention needs to be shared between three people now, while also running a business,” said Yehuda. “It is very complex, but we are still getting used to the changes.” After documenting their pregnancy, the couple is honest about parenting as well. Yehuda posted a comic titled 'It's OK' and opened up about his range of emotions since becoming a parent including the everyday tiredness and hardships. 


“It’s okay when she cries in your hands. It’s okay that she only wants her mom. It’s okay that you can’t put her to sleep. It’s okay that you still don’t understand your status. It’s okay that you don’t have that connection that everybody is talking about. It’s okay that you still don’t understand your job definition. It’s okay that you don’t make her laugh. It’s okay that you’re tired. It’s okay that you’re angry. It’s okay that things don’t work out for you. It’s okay to ask for a hug. It’s okay to share your partner with everything you go through, even if it doesn’t seem so manly. It’s okay that your life has changed. It’s okay that your plans have been canceled. It’s okay that you have no time for anything. It’s okay to feel weak. It’s okay to be moody. It’s okay to feel lonely. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s OK,” he wrote. 


Maya also opened up about how difficult it was to breastfeed Ariel and she grew to love nursing her child. “Ariel really injured me, and it took a while for me to have enough milk for her,” she said. “Today I still breastfeed, but I totally understand women that choose not to.” It is this searing honesty and empathy that reflects in their work and really strikes a chord with their audience. Maya and Yehuda have to travel as part of their job. “The hardest part is to work and know that I’m not with her,” said Maya. “Flights without her are the hardest for sure.”


When Maya decided to return to full-time work it wasn't easy. "The time has come. Ariel is old enough and Maya and I had to go back to our daily routine. The work was piling up and we had to make the hard step and register Ariel for a daycare," wrote Yehuda in their blog. "Maya is heartbroken, of course, but we know that Ariel is in very good hands and will get used to it faster than we know. Maya cried for a few days whenever she said goodbye to Ariel in the morning. Every step that keeps Ariel away from us is difficult, but in my opinion, the real difficulty is not the distance from her, but the knowledge that she is growing up."


Ariel is also a huge source of inspiration for the couple. “Our comics are based on our real life, so she certainly adds quite a bit of interest,” said Yehuda. “We just have to extend the day by a few hours so we have time to be with her as well as create.” 


You can check out their work on their website, Facebook, Instagram, or Patreon.





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