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7-year-old girl tells mom life is all about the 'tiny moments' and we couldn't agree more

The little one noted that the mother and daughter reading together is a 'tiny moment' that one can write stories about.

7-year-old girl tells mom life is all about the 'tiny moments' and we couldn't agree more
Cover Image Source: (L)Twitter/@nursekelsey, (R)Getty Images/representative

Children are the most adorable when they intentionally or unintentionally end up saying things that throw adults into an unexpected epiphany. The kind of innocence that comes from them is truly heartwarming. something that Kelsey—a trauma ICU nurse—recently experienced while reading with her 7-year-old daughter. Kelsey was left stunned when her little girl quietly suggested something that turned out to be a life lesson we should all carry. In a tweet in late September, Kelsey shared what her daughter said to her: "Mama? We're having a tiny moment right now." Since she did not understand what her little one meant, Kelsey asked her daughter: "Hmm? How so?"


What the child responded with is going to become a very adorable life lesson for all of us. The 7-year-old quietly responded, saying, "Today my teacher said life is all tiny moments. You can write stories about tiny moments. Tomorrow I'm going to write about us, together, right now." It's beautiful that the young child expressed that engaging in a simple activity—like reading—with her mother and sister is a notable moment for her!

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

The tweet quickly went viral on the platform and has since gained over 46,000 likes and 2,000 retweets. Many people commented about how beautiful the moment was, with some pointing out that the teacher played a very important role in this. User @capateto tweeted, remarking: "What a beautiful tiny moment! It's so nice that your child is learning to appreciate such moments as they happen—too many of us in this modern era are focused on what comes next and we miss out on the magic right in front of us." 


Another user, @BrittLovesLamp, shared how they teach narrative writing and why the child must have brought it up to her mother. "Yes, small moment stories are how I teach narrative writing in 3rd grade! So many kids think they need to have gone on an amazing vacation or done something 'exciting,' and it’s like—no! You can write an entire story about what you had for dinner or a game you played at recess," they tweeted. Twitter user @GMarshRN went on to commend the teacher who taught the child this valuable lesson, writing: "What an awesome teacher! And sweet kiddo! I heard someone say something similar several years ago and wished I'd heard it when I was younger. I pause and really be in the moment, even the small ones, especially the small ones. That story is going to be a keeper!" 


@emilyrodier explained more about the writing technique the teacher must have used in a tweet that reads: "Love this! This is the genius writing workshop curriculum from Lucy Caulkins. I taught 1st grade and teaching kids about tiny moments and 'seed' stories is the absolute best! So glad it resonated with your daughter." 


The post was also shared on Reddit's r/MadeMeSmile community, where Redditors appreciated the young girls' understanding. u/Righteous_Fury224 said, "Very perceptive child." u/ScrawnyAversion34 commented, "So sweet and lovely." Meanwhile, u/okuyiga noted that props should be given to the teacher, writing, "I’m giving props to the teacher."

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

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