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Adorable 10-year-old girl learns Korean just to make her classmate feel welcome at school

Her mother shared the story on Twitter and many others responded with similar stories.

Adorable 10-year-old girl learns Korean just to make her classmate feel welcome at school
Image Source: Getty Images/Klaus Vedfelt & Twitter/Haley Stewart

Childhood friendships are special and carry a bond stronger than any relationship formed in adulthood. Children often go to great lengths for their friends and it was proved by a 10-year-old child who is trying to learn a new language to make a classmate comfortable. Haley Stewart, the child's mother, took to Twitter and shared the beautiful moment when she realized what her daughter was doing.

She wrote, "My 10yo has been practicing Korean on Duolingo all weekend and I didn’t know why. Today I found out it’s because there’s a new kid in her class who only speaks Korean and she wants to make him feel at home." The tweet went viral and now has more than 340,000 likes and 17,000 retweets. People were moved by this child's gesture and it seems that her daughter wasn't the only one learning a new language to make somebody feel comfortable.




A Twitter user, Steve, shared his own experience and replied to Stewart's post. He wrote, "My oldest did this exact same thing when he was 10, but it was ASL. I learned the alphabet but that was about as far as I got lol He's still able to speak fluently." Another mother Susie Carroll also shared her experience by writing, "My child did this, only with Lithuanian. She said "good morning" in Lithuanian to the new girl, only another girl turned around and said, "*I'm* Lithuanian; *she's* Albanian." Still, kids are the best." 

"The sweetest. My son worked as a cashier at a grocery store and learned sign language to speak to a little girl who shopped with her mom. Made her day," yet another user noted.




Some users applauded her parents for teaching her kindness and empathy. A user commented, "For a child to feel empathy and take self-direction action upon that empathy — wow. Beautiful parenting. Thank you." Another user noted that despite Korean being a difficult language, the child is trying to learn it, they wrote, "Wow! Love this. I saw a TikTok about speaking Korean. Seems quite difficult as letters have different sounds when they are the initial letter of a word. The recommendation is to focus on those first letters. Kudos to your remarkable daughter for her compassion & you as her Mom."




"It’s really not just the language that is important here. It is — but for a 10 year to have this kind of empathy for another child speaks volumes about the parents raising her. If only our adults could act like this kid towards each other, our country would be so much better off," said another Twitter user. "Kudos to you, for raising such a big-hearted kid, and kudos to your kid—for being willing to go the extra mile to make a stranger welcome. So wonderful!!" noted another. Stewart thanked everyone who shared their own stories and appreciated her child. She wrote in an update, "Wow. Did not expect this to go viral. Thanks for the kind words! I read some of the comments to her and they warmed her heart. She is a great kid and I’m lucky to be her mom."



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