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Flight attendant explains why airplane cabins are always cold and it's eye-opening

Even if a passenger wants the temperature to be raised, cabins are maintained cooler to make flight travel easier for them.

Flight attendant explains why airplane cabins are always cold and it's eye-opening
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Pew Nguyen

Flight travel brings both comfort and certain inconveniences. From motion sickness to frustratingly long waiting times, passengers can't help but go through some hassles - all for a quick journey. One such inconvenience that many people face is the chilly temperatures within the airplane cabins. Addressing this hassle, a flight attendant shared their wisdom about the reason why cabin temperatures are always maintained cold, in an interview with Reader's Digest. Vanessa Settimi, a Canadian flight attendant and in-flight instructor working for Swoop Airlines shared some tips to tackle the chilly flight cabins and it's a need of the hour for frequent travelers.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Jeffrey Surianto
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Jeffrey Surianto

We may have noticed many passengers requesting to increase the cabin temperature to make it warmer. However, it's not in the flight attendants' hands to control the cabin temperature. "Temperature in the cabin is controlled by the pilots. So even though travelers often ask to get the temperature turned up during flights, it is kept on the cooler side," Settimi told the media channel. This temperature setting which may seem a bit inconvenient favors the passengers. Cooler cabins help alleviate discomfort for travelers who might be susceptible to motion sickness or fainting during turbulence. The flight attendant suggests passengers bring their sweaters or blankets to keep themselves warm while flying.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cottonbro Studios
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cottonbro Studios

Settimi spoke about fail-proof outfits that make flight travel more convenient. "Now this might just be the flight attendant in me, but you will never catch me flying as a traveler in sandals and a tank top!" the flight attendant said. Instead, Settimi recommended wearing clothes that are comfortable for the chilly cabin as well as support quicker exit in case of emergencies. Her favorite choice of outfit that she finds reliable and practical for flight travel is a T-shirt paired with long pants and running shoes along with a zip-up sweater. 

Speaking of travel hacks for your flight journey, another flight attendant's 3 eye-opening tips on what to avoid during flying is something we should always remember. Cher, a flight attendant who goes by @cherdallas on TikTok, often shares informative content about flight travel and earlier this year, she spoke about ways to prevent hassles while flying. And her first tip was not to wear shorts while traveling by plane mainly because of the cold cabins. Also, during evacuation wearing shorts might "sizzle off," our rears when we have to descend the slide.

Apart from the outfit tips, Cher warned passengers about the prospects of delays during connecting flights. "Delays can happen for a million and one reasons and the likelihood that you’d miss your connection is very high," she said recommending people to book flights with more than a 3-hour connection. Lastly, Cher suggested that passengers refrain from using toilet paper on the plane. "Hear me out, I wipe. But if you’ve closely noticed the toilet paper on the airplane, I promise you’re going to see water droplets on it, or what you think are water droplets," she added. Instead, she recommended passengers to use Kleenex. while using the plane's bathroom.

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