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Nutritionist shares technique that can help women in dealing with period pain and discomfort

The nutritionist shares a hack with her viewers that can help them combat the cramps they get with their periods.

Nutritionist shares technique that can help women in dealing with period pain and discomfort
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @emilyjensennutrition

Periods and women are frenemies. Whenever the time of the month comes around, the women cannot wait for it to happen, but the moment it takes place, the cramps squeeze the life out of them. Emily—who goes by @emilyjensennutrition on TikTok—shared an easy hack to relieve pain from these cramps. This hack requires nothing but a strong tip and five minutes. The nutritionist presents this method as an alternative to the medicines that are prescribed for such pain. She assured the validity of this process by presenting scientific proof in favor of this method. The method piqued a lot of attention, leading to more than 4 million views on the video.

Image Source: TikTok/@emilyjensennutrition
Image Source: TikTok | @emilyjensennutrition

Emily begins the video with a plastic model of an ear. The model had all the parts labeled so that people knew exactly where to press. The nutritionist happily announced, "Do this one thing and your cramps are going to disappear in minutes." She then goes on to explain how all this method requires is massaging a particular point. Thereafter, she shows research backing up this method. The research indicated that this method is more effective than "nonsteroidal and inflammatory drugs."

Image Source: TikTok/@emilyjensennutrition
Image Source: TikTok | @emilyjensennutrition

Emily follows it up by pointing to the part where women need to massage to achieve the objective. The whole procedure needs to be done for three to five minutes. She explained, "I'm going to show you on my ear and you don't need something fancy like this (massaging equipment). You can just use the tip of the pen, the end of a toothbrush or makeup brush and just massage right in there. Feels so good." Then she asked people to share their experiences in the comment section. The nutritionist in her other videos talks about topics like PCOS and hormonal imbalance to educate women about the issues they might be facing while handling menstruation.

Such videos are encouraging as they address women's problems front and center. In the mainstream media, discussion regarding topics like period is often discouraged. Ali Gordon, in an article for the BBC shared how there is still a stereotypical attitude associated with periods. Councillor Sian O'Neill shared her take on the situation and said, "Firstly, we have to talk about periods in our social circles and everyday life. We have to be able to say the word and talk about it freely in our homes. If we encourage an attitude of embarrassment and discretion from the outset, then that will permeate through into general society." Social media platforms and creators like Emily give women a space to talk about their problems.

Image Source: TikTok/@michilixe
Image Source: TikTok | @michilixe
Image Source: TikTok/@sihle_gazu
Image Source: TikTok | @sihle_gazu

The comment section was intrigued by this easy hack and shared their views. @noodlekitteh was so aggravated by her cramps that she wanted this suggestion to prop up on her social media every month, "I need this video to remind me every month." @matildaw123 had great results from this method and commented, "This worked, I had really bad cramps and then it went away after doing this."

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