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Firefighter and 2-year-old he saved from a house fire reunite after 23 years: 'You are a fighter'

Twenty-three years later, they had a special meet-up, where the firefighter got to see the life of the person he rescued.

Firefighter and 2-year-old he saved from a house fire reunite after 23 years: 'You are a fighter'
Cover Image Source: Twitter/ @XavierDimples

Frequently, we come across stories of individuals who save others' lives, but have you ever pondered the profound impact it leaves on the person who was saved? It's something they remember for a lifetime and are grateful to that one person because of whom they are alive. A man on Twitter @XavierDimples shared his experience of how a firefighter named Jeff Ohs saved him from a house fire when he was 2 years old. Twenty-three years later, he had a meet-up with Ohs and the fireman got to see how the life of the person he saved turned out to be.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Anna Shvets
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Anna Shvets

Dimples posted a picture of the fireman carrying him when he was 2 years old along with a photo of the recent meet-up with him, Dimples is seen smiling and holding his 2-year-old son while Ohs is looking at the child. The pictures are captioned, "When I was 2 years old my house caught on fire and I was trapped inside, I ended up dying that day & this firefighter, Jeff Ohs, saved me from that building and brought me back to life. Now 23 years later he is holding my 2-year-old son. I literally wouldn’t be here without him."


He mentioned what happened on the day of the fire. "After I was resuscitated I was in a coma for a month after that. I could never repay him for giving me a chance at life, I can only live a great life for him & my son. I owe him my life," wrote Dimples. The post includes pictures of Ohs and other firefighters trying to save Dimples. The fireman also left a comment on the post. He wrote, "Dude!!!! You are a fighter through and through. And honestly, you scared the sh--t out of me that day. So so blessed by the outcome. Love you, guys."


Someone in the comments section asked Dimples if has had a life-long friendship with Ohs. To which he responded, "That’s my day 1 fr! I can pull up to his house rn if I wanted.”


Dimples's post has so far received about 1.5 million views and 52k likes. Many were happy to see the reunion. @mkgoblue commented, "Xavier I worked with Jeff and I know this story well. You make our jobs worth everything we go through. Thank you for sharing. God bless you & your family." @SmircleMc wrote, "Wow I don’t know what to say just wow much love to you, your son and your guardian angel."

@iSware73 shared, "Oh man I’m crying. My dad, brother, and several other family members are firefighters. It’s beyond amazing to me what they go through. This sort of thing is the highlight." @LilEvaJane expressed, "That’s put a huge smile and tear in my eyes! So nice to know that men like Jeff are around making the world a better place every blessing to you and all your families."


What matters, in the end, is that everything worked out. The Modern Met reported that Dimples is doing well and has had a family of his own for more than two decades. And Ohs is said to be an advocate for firefighters, he offers guidance on how to prevent burnout in the profession. Moreover, he and his wife Mynda help advise people who are in relationships with firemen.


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