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Family sells belongings, travel the world after their DNA test shows links to 32 countries

The couple wanted to travel the world to get in touch with their roots and are hoping the experiences guide their kids in the future.

Family sells belongings, travel the world after their DNA test shows links to 32 countries
Image source: Facebook/exploringlegacy

When Ike Anderson and his wife Natalee did a random DNA test they discovered that their heritage was linked to 3 different countries. It turned to be a pivotal moment for them, as they decided to get in touch with their roots and are now traveling the world. They sold most of their possessions and started touring the world, aided by the remote working options afforded by their respective. Ike Anderson and Natalee left their home in Florida before heading out to see the world along with their three children Jasmine, 12, Kaylee, 11, and Layton, seven, reported Metro. The DNA tests revealed that Ike and Natalee had blood links in Europe, East Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa.


The family set out in December 2016 and are still touring the world. "I wanted to know why I was here and where I am going. If you don’t know where you’re from, you have no idea what’s next," said Ike. "I see this journey as a quest to find out who we are, and what we can leave behind. I was thinking to myself one day, “What legacy do I have? What will I leave for my children?”’ The trip has been a costly one, emptying out more than $110,000 from their bank account in the process. It doesn't concern Ike, who believes it's more important to give them life experiences that they can carry on than money. "It’s great to leave money behind, but I thought traveling and having the opportunity to learn and giving them an open mindset would be a better gift for them," said Ike. The initial costs of the trip were funded by selling some of their treasured possessions including Natalee’s treasured handbags and shoes. The couple runs a marketing agency and has been working remotely to fund the rest of their trip.



The family has since traveled to Mexico, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Paris, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, India, Indonesia, and Australia. Their kids weren't on board with their idea at first. They were shocked and were wondering how things would work out. "They had loads and loads of questions, so we made sure they were part of the process by putting a huge map on the wall and guiding them through everything. Convincing them to come on board has been the best thing we did, though. It’s made our kids better at going outside and exploring," said Ike. 


For the couple, it was also a good opportunity for their kids to take a detox from their phones. The kids were told they were not allowed to bring their phones and the only gadgets with the family were a laptop and an iPad. "One of the biggest highlights for me was sailing down the river Nile and seeing children playing by the sides of the water," said Natalee. While they have been traveling, Ike and Natalee are very particular about their kids not missing any classes and ensure they take all their online classes and use their educational apps. The family also took an unintended break from social media as they had no connection with the rest of the world and that enabled, to take in the experience and live in the moment.   




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