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Dog lover celebrates 100th birthday with an epic parade featuring over 200 pups. He pet them all.

Dog parents from near and far assembled to give the retired dean from San Jose, California, an adorable surprise to celebrate his 100th birthday.

Dog lover celebrates 100th birthday with an epic parade featuring over 200 pups. He pet them all.
Cover Image Source: Twitter/WeRateDogs

There are not many people who are fortunate enough to live for a century. But one San Jose resident not only got to see the day he officially became a centenarian, he did it in the best possible way. Dr. Robert Moore rang in his 100th birthday surrounded by the love of about 200 adorable dogs and their humans.

According to NBC Bay Area, Moore's family decided to give him the ultimate birthday surprise by inviting dog parents to dress up their fur babies and parade them in front of their house to greet the birthday boy as he sat in a wheelchair. 

Moore's family put out the call for the parade on the Nextdoor app and didn't expect a lot of people to show up. However, what followed was an overwhelming response from the Californian community they resided in. This was the best possible way to celebrate the senior citizen's birthday as Moore, who is a retired dean from San Jose, also happens to be a huge dog lover.


Knowing his affection for dogs, the Moore family decided to make his 100th birthday extra special by inviting some furry friends from the neighboring area to the festivities. Moore's daughter Alison told the news outlet that she expected no more than 20 to 30 dogs to show up for the celebration but as the astounding amount of pooches showed up to greet Moore, the family was left stunned.


The line of dogs was long enough to stretch all the way around their residential block and down the street. The dogs were dressed for the sweet occasion as well. Some of the dog owners made their pets wear cowboy hats and some even came wearing tuxedos. Dogs with disabilities also made it to the pup parade as some others arrived in pulling carts and specially modeled classic cars. "My father, he was so touched. He pet every single dog that came through. Every person brought the dog up to him. It was so lovely," said Alison.

But the pups weren't the only ones who lined up to greet Moore. Many strangers also pulled up to gift him flowers, cupcakes, drawings and posters with heartfelt messages. The overwhelmed family said that they were "touched by how the community came together to help their dad celebrate his 100th birthday." This is perhaps a day the Moore family and Dr. Moore won't be able to forget anytime soon. 

The popular Twitter account WeRateDogs shared photos and a video from the parade on social media, writing: "Over 200 dogs surprised a lifelong dog lover for his 100th birthday. Dr. Robert Moore has always loved dogs. For his big milestone, his daughter Alison decided to post on Nextdoor asking people to bring their dogs in front of their house to wish Robert a happy birthday. They were expecting maybe 30 dogs, but over 200 showed up. The line stretched around the block! People brought him flowers, cupcakes, and drawings. They even signed his card. Alison said he was very touched and it was a day he’ll never forget. He made sure to pet every single dog. 14/10 for everyone."


@twobuttonsdeep_ shared footage of the event on TikTok, showing a different angle of the wholesome event. The video footage shows several people lining up with their pet dogs, waiting for their turn to greet the centenarian. One person even wrote in the comment section that "If this doesn’t happen to me for every birthday I have from here on out, I don’t want it." Well, not every one of us is going to get greeted by pups and pets of strangers on our birthday but we sure feel happy for this senior birthday boy who received the best ever gift from his loving family.


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