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Dad picks outfits for his lunch date with daughter in an adorable video

'This screams like we are going out for lunch. But if you can feel it, it just feels nice, little neckline to it,' says the dad about an outfit.

Dad picks outfits for his lunch date with daughter in an adorable video
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@rachsullivan_ _

Fathers-daughters have a special bond and it is quite evident from the time the child is young. Daughters love to be around their dads and fathers make sure that they have quality bonding time with them. In an adorable TikTok video, a father @rachsullivan_ _ can be seen choosing an outfit for his daughter for their dad-daughter date. It starts with him saying, "We're going to have a lunch date." He says, "The outfits that I picked out are spring vibes." He then brings out the first outfit which is a green and white flowery dress. He says about the dress, "It still got like a wintery feel but also like moving in the spring. "Again, kind of wintery but moving in the spring," - he says about the second top which is a white and green top. He adds an overall above the top and says, "I just think they will be so cute."

Image Source: TikTok/@rachsullivan_ _
Image Source: TikTok/@rachsullivan_ _


Meanwhile, he takes out another dress that has a flowery pattern all over it. He says, "This screams like we are going out for lunch. But if you can feel it, it just feels nice, little neckline to it." He then turns to his daughter and asks, "What do you think? A, B, or C." He laughs and says, "She's not helping a ton." Finally, he makes her wear the last dress and the child is seen smiling and making sounds, for which he says, "He even knows she looks cute as hell." He then says, "I don't know what to do about the legs because it's in the 70s but that ain't that warm." He ends up making her wear mermaid bottom pants and overall the outfit looks super cute. 

Image Source: TikTok/@rachsillivan_ _
Image Source: TikTok/@rachsillivan_ _


The video went viral with more than 11 million views and 2.7 million likes. It is captioned, "First official daddy-daughter date." Many people on social media loved the way the dad picks out clothes for his daughter. commented, "but like imagine a dad that cares THIS much 😭😭" @ccampbellmusic wrote, "When you said 'it’s in the 70s' I thought you meant temperature but turns out you meant ✨fashion✨ 😂 she is adorable." @jarh3ad.22 expressed, "Oh my god this makes me miss being little 🥺 my dad and I had daddy-daughter dates, and still do." @just_kirstie said, "Why did this make me cry?! 😭 it makes me so happy when men love their daughters. The daddy-daughter bond is special ❤️" @thatmikchick commented, "daddy-daughter dates is what my dad and I used to call them. I’m turning 26 this year and we still do this… trust me she will remember these moments💞"

Image Source: Reddit/u/librarina
Image Source: Reddit/u/librarina


In a similar story, a Reddit user had a beautiful realization while she saw her father play with his grandchildren. u/Mint_Perspective posted a video with the caption, "When you get older and realize that a magical childhood is the result of your parent’s effort." In the video, she shared the fun that she had with her father as a kid. He went to the souvenir shop to buy a bag full of seashells before every trip. He planted them across the beach and asked his children to look for them. He never told his children his little secret and now he does the same with his grandkids. The children think they are discovering the seashells themselves and her father enjoyed seeing them happy. She added in the video, "He always made adventures fantastical, and I'm still learning the extent of it."

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