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Man gets heartwarming tattoo of a cochlear implant to make his son feel confident: 'Dad of the year'

The heartwarming video shows the boy beaming with joy when he sees the tattoo that looks like his implant.

Man gets heartwarming tattoo of a cochlear implant to make his son feel confident: 'Dad of the year'
Cover Image Source: Reddit/abbiebe89

Parents often go to great lengths to make their children feel at peace and comfort. They make several sacrifices throughout their lifetime just to make their children's lives easier and happier. Moreover, they often don't ask for anything in return as a smile on their child's face is enough to fulfill them. An Irish father is winning hearts by doing something extremely heartwarming for his son. In a Reddit video posted by u/abbiebe89, a father can be seen sitting across from his son who has cochlear implants. As he knows that his son might feel conscious and insecure about his implants, he decided to do something bold and incredible. The video, shared on r/MadeMeSmile, is titled, "Father of the year award goes to…"

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


He got a tattoo of an implant on his ear so that his son doesn't feel alone and secluded due to his disability. The video showcases the father letting his son know about the tattoo and his son's reaction can melt any heart. The text overlay says, "Irish dad gets tattoo of cochlear plant for his son."

He can be seen smiling widely as he tries to understand the significance of the tattoo. The father pulls him into a hug to reassure him further and at the end of the video, the tattoo is zoomed in on and shown in elaborate detail. He might not realize it now but as he ages, this little boy will forever be grateful to his father for making him feel a little more confident. Reddit users were moved by this sweet gesture with one person commenting, "That’s a great dad right there! That man doesn’t care if anyone thinks it looks bad, because he didn’t do it for them…. He did it because he loves his son."


Another said, "This is an Awesome and Beautiful thing to see. Technology advances very quickly. It's likely this apparatus won't even be visible in years to come. But the sentiment will never die."

A third user said, "His son will always remember the power of his father’s love."


In another similar story, a girl's parents got tattoos that matched her surgery scar after she went through three open-heart surgeries. The 4-year-old was born with a congenital heart defect and had surgeries before she even turned one. The scars have persisted, and they appeared to disturb Everly who continued asking questions about them. Her scars will have to be reopened when she has further heart surgery. As a result, her family refers to her scar as a zipper that surgeons must open and close to make her heart better. 


It made her feel different, which is why Matt Backe chose to get a tattoo of her scar. He said, "I heard Evie make mention the zipper, just asking more questions than usual. My thought was if I could get something that was a replica of it, we could be zipper buddies and she would not have that feeling of being alone." Everly has been pointing fingers at his 'scar' and then back at hers since receiving the tattoo, remarking on how similar they are.

She said, "He didn't want me to be alone. He wanted to be special like me." 

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