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Dad brags about himself in fake video interview but his sassy little daughter wasn't having it

'CUT! That's not true, that's not true,' the young girl yells out, unable to hear her father's outrageous lies anymore.

Dad brags about himself in fake video interview but his sassy little daughter wasn't having it
Cover Image Source: Tiktok/alongcameabby

Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 23, 2022. It has since been updated.

Children are pure at heart and believe in speaking the truth even if it's about their parents. However, sometimes these truths come out at the most inopportune moments. A father demonstrated this by shooting a fake video interview for a job with his daughter seated beside him. In the video, uploaded to the @alongcameabby TikTok account, young Abby can be seen happily sitting next to her father when the video begins. "I know that you wanted me to send a video and you wanted me to include one of my children, and I only have one child," her father tells the camera. "Her name is Abby and she's here." At this, the little girl waves her hand and says, "Hi" in the most adorable manner.


Abby's father goes on to say: "So you wanted some background. I dress like this every day. As soon as I get up, I get up at 4 am. Every morning, I go for a run and then I run for about 12 miles, then I come back, I make sure the house is all clean and tidy, I do all the dishes and I wash..." Abby, who visibly grows increasingly confused with every word out of her father's mouth, jumps up at this and says, "CUT! That's not true, that's not true!"

Image Source: Tiktok/alongcameabby
Image Source: Tiktok/alongcameabby

Her dad makes her sit down and continues: "So I do all the dishes, and I make sure that dogs are bathed and that way when my wife gets up like everything is done so I'm very diligent in that." Abby can't take it anymore and says "Bye" before walking off the frame. When her dad pleads for her to come back, she tells him: "That's not true. You can't lie to them."

Image Source: TikTok/alongcameabby
Image Source: TikTok/alongcameabby

When he requests her to sit beside him again, Abby begrudgingly comes back and sits down with folded hands. Then, he continued: "So you asked about my diet, I only eat vegetables, there's no pizza." Abby calls him out at this, saying, "Yeah, you drink chips and milk. Come on, you and sugar all the day." However, the final straw comes when her dad says: "You asked how I met my wife, I was a center fielder from the New York Yankees and I was playing in one day..." Abby finally walks away at this.

People online adored Abby's responses. One Reddit user said, "I never get sick of watching Abby storm off at the end. She was done with the lies." Another user said, "Her instantly giving him the side eye basically as soon as he starts talking. Hilarious!" Another commented, "She said cut like she was the producer lol. This little girl is destined to be a star. So cute."

The video garnered 8.5 million views on Tiktok and 787k likes.  Abby is a Tiktok star and her videos are loved by many on the platform. She has been featured on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon", E! News, PopCulture and many other publications as well, reports Shore Fire Media. The TikTok account "alongcameabby" has 4 million followers and 159.5 million likes. 


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