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Crane operator saves cow by scooping it out from raging water in canal with incredible timing

As soon as the cow reached the excavator, he saved it by scooping it up using the machine's claw.

Crane operator saves cow by scooping it out from raging water in canal with incredible timing
Cover Image Source: Reddit/ u/kzoxp

Some people want to help others at any cost, that is the sort of kindness that we rarely get to see. And to show that kindness to animals in the most adverse situation is just beautiful. An excavator operator in Igdir, Turkey saved a cow who fell in a water canal and the best part was his incredible timing. 

Image Source: Reddit/u/kzoxp
Image Source: Reddit/u/kzoxp


In a video posted on Reddit by u/kzoxp, a cow can be seen drowning in a water canal from a distance. An excavator operator was waiting for the cow to reach a particular area so that it could be picked up immediately using the machine and that's what happened. As soon as the cow reached the excavator, he quickly saves it by picking it up using the machine's claw and then putting it down on the other side. It is a relief to see the cow being saved, thanks to the perfect timing of the operator. 

Image Source: Reddit/u/kzoxp
Image Source: Reddit/u/kzoxp


The video has about 103k upvotes on Reddit. It is captioned, "A crane operator saves a calf who fell in a water canal with incredible timing, in Iğdır, Turkey." Many on the social media platform were impressed with the way the cow was saved. u/BrIdO88 commented, "Cometh the hour, cometh the man." u/thecrispystork wrote, "That was really cool but if he missed the timing window by even a fraction of a second he probably would have just gouged the calf and made its death even more painful. Risky but hats off the to gentleman." u/_ _k_a_l_l_ _expressed, "Oh man that was so skilled, the timing, and the follow up as the cow is moving in the water. He needed to move in the direction to contain the cow totally, if he had just scooped then probably half of the body would be outside the bucket."

Image Source: Reddit/ u/nobodyof
Image Source: Reddit/u/nobodyof




In another incredible rescue video, a homeless Colombian man saved 25 puppies from a fire that broke out in a recycling plant and later spread to a dog shelter. Sebastian Arias was walking down the street in La Victoia in Lima, Peru when he saw that a recycling plant had caught on fire. The flames from the plant had also spread to a neighboring house which was a dog shelter. Although people had managed to free some of the animals that were inside, many were still trapped inside, out of reach due to the smoke and fire. Thinking about his own dog, Arias went ahead and saved the remaining animals which were trapped inside. He climbed the facade, broke the windows, and helped rescue the pups from the fire. 



 In a viral video posted on Twitter by @AlertaMundial2, Arias can be seen reaching the terrace of the building through the balcony to save a puppy that was stranded on the rooftop. The video shows a copious amount of smoke coming up from inside the building. The good Samaritan ignored all this as he swiftly got up to the top of the building, grabbed the dog, and dropped the canine onto the mattress other bystanders held below. People can be heard applauding and celebrating as he saves the dog and they also put up a ladder for him to come down.  Arias has been hailed as a hero for rescuing the dogs and he surely deserves it. 

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