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Business mocked for saying they don’t hire liberals because they make decisions based on emotions

The business's advertisment claimed that liberals don't use logic in making decisions which the business demands.

Business mocked for saying they don’t hire liberals because they make decisions based on emotions

America is sharply divided along political lines and it's starting to spill over into all walks of life. One company posted a job advertisement, but apart from work experience and skill requirements, this note also had one rather unusual requirement — to not be a liberal. The advertisement was posted on Reddit where it went viral and it said: 'We do not hire liberals.' The note clarifies that it isn't because they have a problem with liberal political views but rather trying to make it sound like liberals do not have 'superior reasoning and logic' for the job. The advertisement was panned and mocked on Reddit. 

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The job advertisement read: "Job applicants, please note: WE DO NOT HIRE LIBERALS." This was followed by an explanation. "This is not because we disagree with their political views. It is because working here requires superior reasoning, logic, and reading comprehension skills, and in our experience, liberals are deficient in those areas." Anyone with basic reading comprehension skills must wonder what 'superior reasoning' is. Anyway, the note continued," We have found that they make decisions based on their emotions, not logic. This would be very detrimental to our business. We regret any convenience this may cause."


The note was panned on Reddit. "They make decisions based on their emotions" - We, on the other hand, share our emotions in passive-aggressive notes posted on the wall..." wrote one user. Many argued that the ad in itself came from a place of hatred. "Almost every single thing they believe in is either from hatred, fear, anger, jealousy etc. Maybe if they'd stop and think for a sec... oh wait they went and made another racist post again," wrote another. One user pointed out that the advertisement was potentially proof of discrimination. "Don't forget that this is a confession of employment discrimination," commented the user. 


One user argued that the employer had revealed themselves for who they are, making the decision to not apply easier. "Maybe it is for the better. You know what kind of person your boss would be. Bullet dodged," wrote one user. The original poster chimed in, "This whole sign feels like coded language for “we’ll find any excuse to commit wage theft” and “oh you’re sick and can’t come to work? F*ck you!” 


It's not the first time, employers have put up weird job advertisements. One employer explicitly invited potential employees to be exploited. As we reported, a sign from a deli in Florida posted on Twitter by @HaitianDvorce said it was looking to hire people in a number of positions but the descriptions of the expectations from employees were awful. Right at the top, it says that 'mediocre' people will earn the minimum wage of $8.65 an hour in Florida. 


Some of the criteria for the varying hourly wages jobs were demeaning. The deli said it would pay $9 for people in their first job and to those who are willing to learn. Under $12, the deli said it wanted to hire people who are 'better than most' with 'zero drama' and if that wasn't enough, they went to add, 'works like two people.' Many people called out the business, saying if they wanted to accomplish the work of two people, they should be hiring two people. Getting one person to do the work of two is exploitation, added some Twitter users. The $14 per hour category wants the employee to 'never be late,' and 'care like the owner does.' The final position—$15—calls for someone who “outshines and out performs the owner.” All this at a time when workers were struggling to get by in the wake of the pandemic. 


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