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6-year-old boy fighting cancer gets a heartwarming surprise on the flight: 'He was really excited'

Erica describes Hyrum as a "natural caretaker." She said that he is "thoughtful, loves small children, is a deep thinker and naturally faithful.

6-year-old boy fighting cancer gets a heartwarming surprise on the flight: 'He was really excited'
Cover Image Source: Twitter | Breeze Airways

November 6, 2022, was a special day for 6-year-old Hyrum Mace and his family. He was named an honorary pilot of Breeze Airways. Hyrem has cancer and was traveling to Utah after getting treatment in California. Every two weeks, Hyrem and his parents travel to Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford in Palo Alto. He was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, or DIPG, a form of cancer in April. Reportedly, the tumor on his brainstem cannot be operated but he has been getting radiation treatment and is part of a clinical trial, according to GoodMorningAmerica.



In August, Hyrem's father Michael had thanked the airways for their service and that's when Breeze came to know about the child's story and decided to do something for him. Michael tweeted, "Thanks @BreezeAirways for making cancer treatments a possibility. Flying every two weeks to SFO wouldn’t be possible without your help. Even with #DIPG (terminal brain tumor), my boy is always happy with his window seat. Here’s hoping that we keep flying." 

Image Source: Twitter | Breeze Airways
Image Source: Twitter | Breeze Airways


A representative from Breeze Airways said that they "brainstormed" and came up with the idea of doing a "pep rally and  honorary pilot recognition." Then they spoke to the family about and "coordinated with Michael." Moreover, they also promised to "take care of all their travel" in November.

The airways also collaborated with their Utah partners including Brigham Young University, Provo City, Utah Valley, and San Diablo Artisan Churros to give them a surprise at the airport as well as on the flight. It was followed by a pep rally which included their team mascot and cheerleaders.

Twitter | Breeze Airways
Twitter | Breeze Airways


Michael Mace said that Hyrum was "really excited" when the head captain gave his badge and "he loves that thing." He apparently didn't take it off for the next few days. 

That's not all. Breeze Airways is also helping the family with GoFundMe crowdfunding to help the family with "flights and whatever Hyrum may need for his treatments." 

Talking about the plans for his 6th birthday party, his mother said that he has a newfound love for Nerf toys. "So we've invited cousins and family over. I think we'll do a big Nerf gun war together," said Erica.



Erica describes Hyrum as a "natural caretaker." Moreover, she said that he is "thoughtful, loves small children, is a deep thinker and naturally faithful. He is an old soul in a child’s body." He reportedly loves to read scripture stories and knows that he doesn't have a long life. She added, "We are very open,” Erica said. “He knows he is going to die and is at peace with that,” as reported by Daily Herald.



However, the family feels grateful for all the support that they have been getting. Erica said that this experience has taught her "how much of life is not really important" but it is really about "the moments that we really have and the little experience that we have together, good or bad." "I realized that even though small, seemingly insignificant moments of expressing love or help or a smile or text or whatever it might be, really have carried us through some of the most difficult experiences that we've had."

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