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25 people are sharing little-known career choices that can pay surprisingly well

Some of these jobs might be unusual but they pay the workers way better than the conventional career choices.

25 people are sharing little-known career choices that can pay surprisingly well
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay

People mostly go for conventional and popular career choices that guarantee enough money for a sustainable future. However, there are a bunch of unusual careers as well that pay double the amount compared to your regular job. Did you know that underwater welding is a job that pays pretty well? Or do you have any idea about professional traveling nurses, who are making a lucrative amount of money, post the pandemic? Maybe working as a "stop" sign holder is a job you have never thought about, but to make a quick buck, you can do it as well for fairly decent pay.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Karolina Grabowska
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Karolina Grabowska

Even though it is crucial to make a decent amount of money in this economy, these unconventional career paths will enlighten you about endless possibilities. So, here are 25 people on the subreddit r/NoStupidQuestions opening up about some unique career choices which might not be popular among job seekers and yet they pay very well.

1. Legal videographer

"Legal videographers. If you watched Tiger King or Making a Murderer, then deposition videos played, and there was someone behind the camera getting paid anywhere from $60–$125 an hour to film that." -u/JulianFromReddit

2. Bartender

"I made six figures bartending last year. A pretty unique job that I no longer have, but you can make pretty good money at a lot of places. It takes work ethic and charm but I wouldn't say it's hard." -u/deleted

3. Geologist

"Geologist. Six figures for working half a year." -u/CoatLast

4. Heavy equipment mechanic

"Heavy equipment mechanic, I was literally offered a job a month ago where I was told that the guys are making $200k a year to move to Texas." -u/chaosontheboard

5. Underwriter

"Underwriters for mortgages in the US. Easy six figures." -u/bertP227

6. Aviation industry

"Aviation Mechanic. Minimum 22.50/hr. I've been in the industry for 6 months and I'm at 32. Companies like Delta top off employees at 58/hr after a few years. Go overseas and make more money that is tax-free." -u/StupidDogYuMkMeLkBd

7. Entertainers

"Stilt walking. I make $450 an hour." -u/Easy_Carpenter4751

8. Home inspectors

"Home inspectors. People never think of them unless they’re specifically buying a house but they make anywhere from $400-1000 for an inspection that usually takes 3-6 hours." -u/deleted

9. Landscaper

"The landscaper doing our backyard pays his entry-level laborers $27hr to start. A lot has to do with the company and not necessarily the work." -u/Jim-of-the-Hannoonen

10. Nurse

"Travel nurses. Can get your associate's degree as a nurse at a community college in 2 years. Before the pandemic, the common rate for travel nurses was $40-50 an hour but when the pandemic hit, $100+ an hour is the least I’ve seen offered." -u/Adept_Meaning4049

11. Hairdresser

"My wife makes over $100k as a hairdresser." -u/BigBenCooks

12. Pathologist

"I’m a speech pathologist in central KY- “per diem” or PRN jobs to cover vacations, maternity leaves, etc. pay $50-$60 hourly." -u/mav8616

13. General managers

"Panda Express General Managers, we had a meeting recently and 90 percent of us make over 90k a year while 50 percent make over 100k top earner was 225k. I made 125k last year.  -u/One_Panda_Bear

14. Construction industry

"Sales to contractors in the construction industry. If you work long enough to get going with the huge accounts it’s pretty common to make $150k-$200k/yr in midwest money." -u/Pierson230

15. Welder

"My brother with no experience just picked up a welding job with a payscale that'll have him up over 80k USD within a year in the US." -u/SprinklesMore8471

16. Cybersecurity professional

"Cyber security. It is massively understaffed and usually starts at 60-70k a yr. Not the most difficult either."  -u/staples93

17. Distributing medical cannabis

"If you work in a state with recreational or medical cannabis jobs in that field can be very lucrative." -u/-voidface-

18. Injectable medicine inspector

"I was hired as an inspector to look at vials of parenteral product (basically injectable medicine) all day. Literally, just sit in a chair at a light booth and stare at tiny glass vials all day looking for defects. No prior experience in the industry. No degree or anything notable. $23/hr with stupid amazing benefits and bonuses." -u/effectivebutterfly

19. Consulting

"Environmental consulting. I make over $100,000, still do conservation work (about 50% of the time), and don't have to penny-pinch!" -u/TheGreatPencil

20. UPS driver

"UPS Driver. I made around $110k last year. $40/hr, $60 with OT. I get around 10-15 hours of OT a week." -u/clever80username

21. Technicians

"Alarm technicians. I get paid a lot of money to fix your alarm systems and cameras. I have to travel out of town and out of state as well because of how few there are." -u/Geek_off_the_street

22. Legal marijuana seller

"Selling legal Marijuana. I literally get paid to just smoke weed all day long. Half of the time I work from home, and half of the time I'm just smoking pot with people to showcase my product lineup. First year (while building my book of business) I made 65k. In the second year, I essentially doubled my annual wage. When it goes federally legal I'm sure that number will break the 200k mark. " -u/definitelynotpat6969

23. Sign holder

"In Pennsylvania, I got paid almost double the minimum wage to be the guy holding the stop sign in front of the construction zone. If I was doing the same job full-time instead of being a summer temp, I would have been making about $25/hour." -u/ZTH-Yankee

24. Salesforce administrator

"Not quite the same as what I’m seeing, but become a certified Salesforce Admin. Many jobs I see start at $60-70k just for being an admin." -u/ALrookie18

25. Nanny

"Not common but as a nanny I make $75k." -u/IchBinKerri

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