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24 honest and hilarious tweets about marriage that are so relatable

One tweet reads, 'Some couples exercise together. My wife and I send each other articles when we're sitting in the same room.'

24 honest and hilarious tweets about marriage that are so relatable
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @sixfootcandy

Editor's note: This article was originally published on March 9, 2023. It has since been updated.

Every couple is different and so is their marriage. Everyone has their own share of adjustments, disappointments and good times. However, some situations are similar and relatable among couples, like the way husbands leave things around in the house, how wives expect an apology for things their husbands did in their dream, or how women are unable to have any self-care time for themselves. People have shared such hilarious things about marriages in their tweets, as reported by BuzzFeed. One of the tweets read, "Why would I need a haunted house when I can just open the dishwasher and see how my husband arranged the dishes?" Another reads, "When I'm mad at my husband, I go to Target and spend money. When I'm really mad at my husband, I still go to Target and spend money but I take his remote with me."

Most of these tweets have hundreds of likes and re-tweets. We have put together 24 of the best tweets that are sure to make you laugh.

1. Let's argue




2. True that!




3. Or maybe the cupboard?




4. Great talk!




5. Say cheese




6. Well-described




7. "Everything is weird"




8. Lol



9. Shut up!




10. That's marriage




11. Better luck next time




12. Danger alert



13. Who did that?




14.  Hi Derp!




15. Scary



16. One more plz?




17. Self-care = fries




18. Win-win




19. Trick question




20. "That's where snacks live"




21. Noted.




22. What's mine is yours (phone too)




23. Progress it is!




24. She has a point




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