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Video of a 'teen' reacting to 'vintage' soundtrack cassette of 'Cocktail' is painfully funny

'The words 'Late 1900s music' has murdered me and buried me in a shallow grave,' wrote one social media user.

Video of a 'teen' reacting to 'vintage' soundtrack cassette of 'Cocktail' is painfully funny
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @caitconquers

If you are a millennial and you haven't yet been hit with the sudden realization that you're old when someone born in the 2000s reminds you that they are a proper adult now, this video about a "young person's" adventures after thrifting an "old radio" will do the trick. 

In a video that left countless millennial social media users gasping in horror, TikTok user Cait Trantham (@caitconquers) introduces her exciting new thrift buy: a "new radio made to look old." Trantham appears confused as to how to use it but eventually seems to figure out that they'd have to use "cahzette" (cassette) tapes—which people used "back in the day"—to play music. After successfully procuring some tapes that were popular in the 1990s, she decides to use the "Cocktail" soundtrack tape from the Tom Cruise movie, hitting us hard with a wave of nostalgia over this "#vintagefind."

Image Source: TikTok | @caitconquers
Image Source: TikTok | @caitconquers

In a follow-up video where she finally tries using the "Cocktail" cassette with the "old radio," Trantham appears to initially be confused as to how the tape goes in. She described it as a "representation of late 1900s music" but seems excited and happy when the music starts playing.

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Towards the end, Trantham takes out the tape and asks, "What do you do when the sound runs out? Are they so hard to find 'cause they are single-use [and you] just throw it away when it's done? That would be on-brand for the 1900s 'cause they really didn't care about the environment." The video was captioned, "Trying vintage music. I was excited to find these at the thrift store, now let's see if it works!" 

Image Source: TikTok | @caitconquers
Image Source: TikTok | @caitconquers

Although Trantham's video was pure satire, her use of the teenage filter combined with impeccable acting had many folks convinced that this was an actual teen's reaction to a thrifted radio and cassettes.

Many millennial TikTok users couldn't digest the terms used in the video. "I'd like to make a motion to remove the phrase 'late 1900's'. I feel attacked," wrote @christinalovesbird. "'Late 1900's music' and 'use tapes' I may as well be a corpse," commented @whozzagoodboyizityou. "I am not this old... I am not this old... I had that tape... I loved that movie SOUNDTRACK," added @mrf223. "Did you just say 'cah-zette'??" questioned @tessbianthelesbian

People on Twitter also had some amusing reactions to the video. Here are some of their responses, starting with @AlexSourGraps accepting that they were 1000 years old and helping others get through their denial as well. 
























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